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10 Self-Care Gifts from Oprah’s Favorite Things

In between work, family, the dog, and the day-to-day, it’s easy to neglect the one person who matters most: YOU. We’ve all got a ton of responsibilities, people depending on us, places to be, and things to do. But when it’s all said and done, are you carving out space to take care of yourself? This holiday season, we’ve rounded up the best pampering, soothing, inspiring finds from Oprah’s Favorite Things to gift yourself or someone else some much-needed time to unwind. Discover 12 simple pleasures that will help you find a slice of serenity.

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Beauty Sleep

Encourage a good night’s rest with a set that blocks light a little more luxuriously—with a 100-percent silk sleep mask. It comes with a matching scrunchie to keep hair protected from breakage and next-morning bedhead. A blissful drift off is a gift in and of itself.


Tub of Love

As anyone who follows Oprah’s Favorite Things lists knows, this bubble bath has made repeat appearances over the years. Oprah appreciates that the fragrant blend gives great bubbles. And the beautiful chinoiserie-inspired ceramic bottle elevates bathing to an art form. Really, there’s always time for a restorative soak.


With the Grain

If any soak is worth its salt, it’s this one. A combo of three different kinds, Epsom, Dead Sea, and Himalayan, Oprah says the therapeutic blend is transportive. When in doubt, a soak is always a good idea (and, in fact, she’s gotten some of her best ideas while in the tub).


Instant Calm

If you’re sensing a recurring theme here, it’s because, while some people paint or collect stamps, relaxing in a tub happens to be one of Oprah’s favorite hobbies. She loves this antioxidant-rich bath oil, which takes you away, thanks to soothing ingredients like chamomile, vetiver, and lavender. After you step out of the bath, apply the subtly scented body oil to continue the calming vibes. 


Feet Treat

Gloria Williams, the Foot Nanny, has been keeping Oprah’s tootsies in tip-top shape for years. This nourishing olive oil collection celebrates her eighth year in Favorite Things. It includes everything you need—a buffer, soaking salts, socks, cream, and scrub—to treat your feet with extra TLC.  


Healing Hands

Between typing and housework and all that extra washing and sanitizing these days, your hands bear the brunt of these times. Take a minute to give them the pampering (and hydration) they deserve. This set of creams comes with three scents made with goat milk (it has a similar pH to human skin) from family-owned farms around the U.S. 


Turning the Page

Through conversations with Dr. Bruce Perry, Oprah’s eyes were opened to the fact that although she experienced abuse and trauma as a child, her brain found ways to adapt. She believes this is where hope lives for all of us—in the unique adaptability of our amazing brains. That’s why she and Dr. Perry co-wrote What Happened to You? She hopes readers find the tools to build a renewed sense of self-worth and ultimately recalibrate their responses to circumstances, situations, and relationships. Knowledge is power.    


Sounds Like a Plan

Even if you just do half of it, this book might just change your life. The weekly planner and intention journal created by the Oprah Daily team makes self-reflection and intention setting a part of our everyday routine. Writing just a few minutes daily can help you gain clarity and suss out your true purpose. 


Wrap Star

Nothing encourages relaxation like a scrumptious robe. This work-in, live-in, lounge-in staple features a super-soft fabric and roomy fit. And it even has a hood, which Oprah says ups the cozy factor even more.   


Power Cup

Savoring a favorite hot beverage can feel like a mini oasis—at least in your mind. Oprah’s neighbor Meghan (yes, the same one married to a certain English Prince introduced her to this woman-owned brand’s barista-style lattes with a healthy twist. Each is infused with brain-boosting and mind-clearing ingredients. Oprah drinks the Golden Latte, a spiced turmeric blend with adaptogens, mushrooms, and probiotics that promises to soothe stress and boost mood.

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