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10 ‘Yellowstone’ Costume Ideas – DIY Halloween Costumes for Yellowstone TV Show

Halloween is an excuse for kids and adults to play pretend. For Yellowstone fans, that means imagining that you’re hanging out with John Dutton (okay, Kevin Costner) and taking in the gorgeous views of Montana’s Bitterroot Valley. Or at the very least, pretending that Yellowstone is actually back on TV (FYI, season 4 is set to return in November).

While you can totally throw on your Dutton Ranch hat and t-shirt for an instant costume, consider kicking things up a notch with these DIY Yellowstone costume ideas inspired by the most beloved characters on the show. Every single one of these costumes has a common thread — say, cowboy hats, boots and ranch gear — but they’re all unique to the person with different accessories and clothing styles. You can choose if you want to stand out on your own, team up with your partner for an epic couple’s costume or round up your whole family to dress as the entire Dutton clan (Jamie can join in for the sake of Halloween).

But first, think about which Yellowstone character you identify with most and then decide how much you’d like to commit to your homemade Halloween costume — buying a pair of cowboy boots, for example. Once you’ve sorted out the details, throw some old Yellowstone episodes on the TV and get to work on your 2021 look!

John Dutton Costume

Paramount Network

John Dutton (Kevin Costner) is loyal to his land, family and Carhartt gear. Wear his everyday ranching attire — a cowboy hat, boots, and layers upon layers of jackets and zip-ups — and practice Kevin’s signature gritty-gravelly voice to resemble the family’s patriarch.

Beth Dutton Costume

yellowstone costume beth dutton

Emerson Miller/Paramount Network

Everyone at the party is the trailer park and you’re the tornado — Beth’s (Kelly Reilly) words, not ours. Arrive at a Halloween bash in this outfit with a take-no-prisoners attitude to show them what you’re made of.

Rip Wheeler Costume

rip cole hauser and the duttons gear up for a final fight with the becks in the paramount network's hit series "yellowstone"  "enemies by monday" premieres on wednesday, august 21 at 10 pm, etpt

Paramount Network

While Rip is strong on his own, his relationship with Beth is where we really see his true colors. So, if you want to mirror Rip (Cole Hauser) as much as possible, make sure you have your own Beth by your side.

Monica Dutton Costume

yellowstone costume monica dutton

Cam Mcleod

In this look, Monica (Kelsey Asbille) puts her Native American roots on display with turquoise jewelry and ethnic prints. Go by yourself, pair up with your ride-or-die BFF (your version of Beth, perhaps) or grab your Kayce for a cute couple’s costume.

Kayce Dutton Costume

yellowstone costume kayce dutton

James Minchin

While he typically keeps things pretty casual, Kayce (Luke Grimes) is always down to dress up when duty calls. Hey, being the Livestock Agent of the Montana Livestock Association calls requires a blazer every now and again!

Jamie Dutton Costume

yellowstone costume jamie dutton

Danno Nell

Some suspect that Jamie (Wes Bentley) is behind the attacks against his family in the season 3 finale, which — among a slew of other reasons — makes him the most hated character on the show. That means, you can dress up as a villian!

Jimmy Hurdstram Costume

yellowstone costume jimmy

Paramount Network

Nothing gets in Jimmy’s (Jefferson White) way — not even getting bucked off the horse in the middle of the rodeo. Channel Jimmy’s tenacity and grit while you wear this look, inspired by the one he wore at his big competition. Customize the bib with “Big Mountain Showdown” and other event details to look just like Jimmy’s.

Tate Dutton Costume

kayce r luke grimes finally lets tate l brecken merrill get his own horse on paramount network's hit drama series "yellowstone"

Paramount Network

Here’s a cute option for any father-son duos out there: You can go as Kayce or John Dutton, and your little guy can dress as Tate (Brecken Merrill), Kayce’s son and John’s only grandson. Get him the mini version of your costume, including a hat, rugged jacket and pair of cowboy boots.

Teeter Costume

yellowstone costume teeter

Cam McLeod

Teeter (Jennifer Landon) is a little rough around the edges, but that’s all part of her being the only female ranch hand. Pair your favorite bootcut jeans with a white tank top and khaki vest to show that you’re ready to get to work.

Ryan Costume

yellowstone costume ryan

Cam McLeod

Gather your friends and make everyone dress as one of the ranchers on the show. There are tons of characters to choose from, but Ryan (Ian Bohen) is one of our top picks: He’s also a Livestock Agent, made evident by the flashy badge he wears around his neck.

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