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13 Hilarious April Fool’s Pranks for Boyfriends

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The Prank That Wasn’t

Spend days — even weeks! — leading up to April 1 promising him you’re about to blow his mind with the biggest, craziest, most epic prank ever. When the day comes, don’t do a single thing… except enjoy watching him squirm all day in nervous anticipation.


Tattoo Trick

Use permanent marker to draw an over-the-top tattoo on your body in his honor (or buy a custom fake online if you’re really committed). The more ridiculous the better. Bonus: Tell him it would mean a lot to you if he got inked with a matching one…


Ring Ruse

If your boyfriend already put a ring on it, pull a fast one: Stash it (safely) away, and then announce you lost it down the drain. (Not engaged? This works equally well with any jewelry gift of value.)


Wardrobe Malfunction

For this prank, you don’t have to say anything. Just put on your best poker face each time you strut out in front of him wearing an inexplicably different outfit. (If he’s not the observant type, you might have to do it 10 times before he even starts to notice!)


Investment Oops

This works best for the boyfriend with shared finances. Tell him you got into day trading for a side hustle and lost a huge sum of money making a bad bet. Or — tell him you won a huge sum on a hot tip!


Roll Reversal

If your boyfriend is known to leave an empty roll of toilet paper for you to deal with instead of replacing it promptly himself, this is the April Fool’s prank that will teach him a lesson: Replace the toilet paper roll with a roll of duct tape instead.


Compromised Control

If your guy is a couch commando, use April 1 as an occasion to get him back for all the times he seized control of the remote when you wanted to watch something else on TV. Using a pen, ink a black dot on a piece of scotch tape, and place it over the remote’s sensor. It won’t work to control the TV — and nope, it still won’t work after he changes the batteries three different times.


Auto Antics

Dude, where’s my car? That’s what he’ll wonder after he looks for his ride on the street where he parked it. You of course will know just where it is since you moved it last night while he was sleeping! Just let him know where it actually is before he reports the car stolen though, okay?


Cookie Caper

Carefully remove Oreo cookies from their package and replace the cream filling with another edible white substance (like mayo!). Choose just one random Oreo to mess with for maximum surprise when he’s expecting nothing out of the ordinary.


Incorrect Autocorrect

Grab his phone when he’s not looking and go into the settings. From there, change the autocorrect feature so it replaces an ordinary word he commonly uses with something else. Leave no mystery about the nature of the prank by replacing a simple word like “the” with “April Fool’s!”


Simulated Spill

Prepare a fake spill in advance by mixing white glue with a convincing color of paint — say pink in a bottle of nail polish, or brown in a cup of coffee. Then turn your chosen vessel on its side onto a plastic baggie or wax paper surface and let it dry. When it’s completely dry and the glue is fully solidified, transfer the whole thing somewhere much more delicate — like his laptop keyboard, or a white carpet.


Breakfast Bandit

Try replacing the sugar with salt for a rather rude surprise as he tastes his morning coffee. Or try a milder idea by switching up bags between cereal boxes — so he gets Grape Nuts when he wanted Froot Loops. Womp womp!


Marker Madness

This gag is old school and totally analog — and it won’t cost you a thing. When he’s sleeping, draw on his face with a marker. Go with glasses and a mustache — or something cheekier. When he wakes up and gets a look in the mirror … well, he’ll know it’s April Fool’s Day!

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