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15 Baby’s First Christmas Ornaments — Personalized Ornaments for Infants 2021


There’s nothing more exciting than Christmas with a new baby. There are so many “firsts” you get to explore: first Christmas outfit, first present, first glimpse of a Christmas tree (which your baby will probably try to grab, shake or eat at some point, because it’s just so shiny). But about that tree: There’s no better way to commemorate that first holiday together than with a “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament — something you’ll fondly hang up year after year. (Note to friends/grandparents/relatives: These also make great holiday gifts for new parents.)

There are so many different routes you can take: You can go for the full customization, and find an ornament that will display all of your baby’s stats. You can go the collectible route, and get the dated ornament of the year from makers like Lenox, Christopher Radko, Spode or Hallmark. Or you can find something that looks like a DIY ornament (and keep the fact that you didn’t actually make it yourself a secret). Last but not least, you could go for some combination of the above, because there’s no rule saying that you can’t have more than one “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament on your tree. (Just make sure you have a good way to organize your ornament collection when the holiday is over.)

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Handmade Metal Ornament

The Silver Diva


Mother’s Angels Ornament

Forged Flare


For a more subtle nod to baby, these handcrafted, stained-glass-style Mother’s Angels ornaments have a design that features the baby’s birth flower. It can also be used as shelf decor.

Stamped Baby Spoon Ornament



Or, if you want all the stats in a more rustic presentation, these ornaments are made from vintage silver-plated spoons and then hand-stamped by the artist.

Rocking Horse Ornament

This collectible Lenox ornament couldn’t be more Christmas. There are toys, holly and everything else you associate with the holiday — plus, best of all, your baby’s name and birth year.

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Photo Frame

Banberry Designs


Your baby will be delighted to look into the tree and see his own face smiling back! The back can also be engraved, if you’d like.

Baby’s First Christmas Booties



There’s one new baby bootie hanging up on the chimney this year, and this Hallmark collectible ornament lets you put a second pair on the tree as well.

Baby Stats Ornament



If you’re looking for something incredibly personalized, this ornament comes engraved with your baby’s name, birthday, birth time, weight and length. It’s made from copper, which develops an antique-looking patina over time (or you can polish it up to keep it shiny).

Christmas Bootie Ornament

Spode fans can add a piece to their collection while commemorating baby’s first holiday. This bootie says “Spode” across the front in red, and then has the year across the back.

Little Hippo Keepsake Ornament

Little Hippo


Wooden Ornaments

Heart’s Sign


Since there’s no such thing as overkill, these ornaments come in a set of three. Each one is 3″ in diameter.

Personalized Avocado Ornament

What do avocados have to do with Christmas? Nothing, really, but they sure are cute!

Ceramic Wreath Ornament



This one is unique because it doesn’t just single out the baby, it celebrates the entirety of your growing family. (You can get ones that say “family of four,” etc.) Each ornament is handmade from fine white porcelain, with a glossy glaze finish.

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Trunk Of Toys!

Christopher Radko


Christopher Radko is the king of Christmas ornaments, and if you’re an admirer of his retro-looking blown-glass designs, this toy box is the perfect addition to your tree. It also comes in pink.

Be Merry Ornament Card

Here’s an ornament that you give to everyone else: These customizable Minted creations do triple duty as a Christmas card, a birth announcement and an ornament — there’s a hole punched in the top so the recipients can hang it on their trees.

Seekingtag Clear Fillable Ornament



The best ornament just might be the one you DIY: Take a clear, plastic ball and fill it with your baby’s hospital bracelet and hat, or other mementos of baby’s first year.

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