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15 Best Adult Easter Basket Gift Ideas


Adults are busy as a bunny on Easter Sunday. There’s so much to do to make the day special for their household, from setting up Easter egg hunts to preparing a delicious ham dinner for everyone to enjoy. Even though the adults may be the ones calling the shots on the big day, they should still partake in the holiday fun, especially when it comes time to dig through Easter baskets and unwrap Easter gifts.

If you’re acting as the Easter Bunny for the “big kids” in your life, then take a look at these Easter gifts for adults. We put together 15 easter basket ideas that cater to everyone, no matter if they are a gardener, cook, sports enthusiast, crafter, or just about anything else. Each Easter basket includes four small gift ideas, all of which range in price and practicality. It’s up to you whether or not you want to follow our curated picks to a tee, or choose a few gifts from different baskets to assemble something that best fits your budget and their interests. You really can’t go wrong either way — especially if you throw in some of their favorite Easter candy.

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Gardening Easter Basket

  1. Garden Colander,
  2. Floral Garden Tool Set,
  3. The Backyard Homestead,
  4. Blooming Lollipops,
  5. Gardener’s Gold Soap,

Support their new hobby — okay, lifestyle — with this gardening-themed Easter basket. Use a plastic colander as a basket, and stuff it with fun add-ons that tap into their passion: soap to clean up after a hard day’s work, cute gardening tools that they can use or put on display, and more.

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Sports Easter Basket

  1. NFL Fabric Storage Cube,
  2. Men’s Basketball Shorts,
  3. Golf Ball Whiskey Chillers,
  4. Mug with a Glove,
  5. Women in Sports,

It’ll always feel like game day when he sips on a glass of whiskey chilled with freezable golf balls. Pack the rest of these sporty finds in a NFL storage bin, so he can show off his team spirit.

Crafty Easter Basket

  1. mDesign Craft Storage Caddy,
  2. What Would Frida Do? A Guide to Living Boldly,
  3. Embroidery Kit,
  4. Zen Artist Board Mini,
  5. World of Flowers Coloring Book,

Now that the Easter eggs are dipped and dyed, she can focus on her next craft project — whatever that may be. This basket idea comes with books and craft kits to get her creative juices flowing, like an embroidery kit and adult coloring book.

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Bookworm Easter Basket

  1. Woven Storage Basket,
  2. Jane Austen Candle,
  3. Out of Print Socks,
  4. 100 Books Scratch Off Poster,
  5. Magnetic Bookmarks,

With on-theme socks and a candle inspired by one of literature’s greats, you’ll make their next virtual book club the coziest one yet. They can even use the scratch-off poster to get ideas for what they should read next.

Bartender Easter Basket

  1. Handwoven Basket,
  2. Ice Sphere Molds,
  3. Minute Cocktail Sugar Cube Trio,
  4. The New Craft of the Cocktail,
  5. Wine Wipes,

Better than a basic bar set, this basket comes with several accessories that only the best bartenders have, everything from ice molds to sugar cubes that add instant flavor to drinks.

Foodie Easter Basket

  1. Handwoven Basket,
  2. Glass Drinking Straws,
  3. Foodie Dice,
  4. TRUFF Hot Sauce,
  5. Rosemary Sea Salt,

While sweets reign supreme on Easter, these savory add-ons and foodie-approved finds will last well beyond Sunday. Thanks to the foodie dice, the most indecisive chef will figure out what to make for dinner — and they can even use the hot sauce and sea salt to flavor whatever they cook up.

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Movie Easter Basket

  1. Fabric Storage Bin,
  2. Pipcorn Mini Popcorn Pack,
  3. Eat What You Watch: A Cookbook,
  4. 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster,
  5. Microwave Popcorn Popper,

Since their movie collection is already complete, this Easter basket will inspire them to revisit the classics … with a bowl of buttered popcorn, of course. When they feel like they’re out of contenders, they can get a suggestion from the scratch-off poster or cookbook, featuring recipes inspired by Hollywood’s best.

Night Owl Easter Basket

  1. Small Storage Basket,
  2. Himalayan Salt Night Light,
  3. Lavender Essential Oil,
  4. FaceTory Dream Garden Chamomile Sheet Masks,
  5. Urban Concepts Tranquility Candle,

The person who shines after dark will appreciate the comforts that this Easter basket brings. When they want to relax, they can burn a scented soy candle, throw on a sheet mask, and get their essential oil diffuser going.

Early Riser Easter Basket

  1. Metal Utility Basket,
  2. frank body Coffee Scrub,
  3. Dash Mini Maker,
  4. Today’s the Day Notepad,
  5. Simple Modern Insulated Tumbler,

Okay, this one’s really for parents everywhere. Included, they’ll find a mini griddle for breakfast sammies, coffee-infused scrub for an instant pick-me-up, and some other goodies.

Nostalgic Easter Basket

  1. Fabric Storage Bin,
  2. Upcycled Record Coasters,
  3. Lip Smackers,
  4. Chop Sabers,
  5. Super Mario Bros. Mug,

Take ’em back to the good ol’ days with a basket full of retro-inspired gifts, like Lip Smacker lip balms and coasters made out of vintage records. And when they sip on their morning cup of coffee, they can get their video game fix.

Travel Easter Basket

  1. Canvas Weekender,
  2. Electronics Organizer,
  3. Leather Luggage Tags,
  4. Erin Condren Travel Journal,
  5. Carry On Cocktail Kit,

Your travel buddy is counting down the days until it’s safe to jetset again. In the meantime, give them everything they need to inspire a journey in the year ahead, including new luggage tags and a TSA-approved cocktail kit.

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