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15 Best April Fool’s Pranks 2021

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Laughter is great medicine — and it’s the perfect antidote when times feel heavy or downright hard. April 1 is as good a time as ever to turn a frown upside down and lighten the mood: Do it with a brilliantly executed April fool’s prank! Your gag doesn’t have to be fussy or intricate to be effective — some of the best ideas require little advanced planning and zero cost to pull off. If you’re looking for more elaborate tricks, our list for the best April fool’s pranks includes options for those, too. Of course, it’s always best to know your audience and target your unsuspecting prank victim with an appropriate gag: For inspiration, here are more G-rated April fool’s pranks for kids and some naughtier April fool’s pranks for boyfriends

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Balloon Room

Locate a windowed door that the target of your prank will see from the outside. Blow up a collection of balloons and cluster them together. Attach to the inside of the window in the door so that it looks like the entire room is filled to the brim with balloons on the other side. (And hey, if you can actually fill the whole room with balloons? Even cooler!)

Uncontrollable Remote

This prank takes the “control” out of remote control: Use a teeny sticker or tape to cover over the sensor on the clicker. No matter how hard they try, they won’t be able to make those TV channels budge … even with new batteries.

Scary Silhouettes

All you need for this gag is a few strategically placed fake insects — or, you can even cut them out of paper. Stick them to the inside of a lamp, and when your target flips the switch — yikes! They’ll discover some very suspicious silhouettes inside the shade.

Fan Fun

Warning: This gag requires commitment… because you’re the one who’s probably going to be cleaning it all up! Carefully place confetti atop the blades of a ceiling fan, tucking them all out of view from below. When someone flips the switch to turn on the fan, confetti will blanket the room like it’s December 31 instead of April 1.

Car Caper

Slip a sign reading “honk and smile” inside the car of your prank target; make sure it’s hidden and out of their view (and not blocking their views at all). All commute long, they’ll wonder why they’re getting beeped at nonstop by drivers who seem more flirty than inconvenienced.

All Eyes

Glue a pair of google eyes on every single item within the fridge — so the condiments appear to stare back when someone opens the door. This also works great with all produce.

Booby Trap

Affix a party popper — yes, the kind of dollar store item you can buy for New Year’s Eve — to the jam of a closed door, with the string stretched across the door. So when someone turns the knob to cross the threshold, they’ll find themselves surprised by a loud noise and a mini explosion of confetti.

Dirty Diaper

Yes, the classic baby shower game of melted chocolate inside a diaper works great as a timeless April Fool’s Prank, too. If you have a baby in the home, smear a diaper with chocolate candy or peanut butter; then call in a spouse or child to observe with horror as you taste the mess.

All the Noise

Place bubble wrap under an area rug or a bathmat for a rude surprise when a passerby steps down. This one’s particularly effective first thing in the morning, before your unsuspecting victim has had any coffee — nothing like a loud, unexpected noise to wake someone up real quick!

Rubber Band Barrier

Take some time to wrap one of their most essential objects — like the remote control or their smartphone — with layers upon layers of rubber bands. Then watch them try remain patient long enough to free it.

Gravity-Defying Glass

Place an upside down glass of water on your prank victim’s desk or table and let them figure out how to remove the glass without causing the water inside to spill. To do this, fill a glass with water and then place a card over the top before turning it upside down quickly on the surface. Then carefully remove the card.

Sticky Situation

This prank’s on the messier side, but it’s super easy to execute: Swap the clear disinfectant within a container of sanitizer for clear school glue instead. They’ll pump out a sticky surprise right into their hands … and wonder why it’s not evaporating as they rub.

Undrinkable Drinks

Whip up some Jello and let it set in juice glasses, complete with a straw in each. Serve them up to guests’ surprise: Those “drinks” aren’t liquid at all, and those straws will get them nowhere.

No End in Sight

What’s more frustrating than spinning the toilet paper roll endlessly in search of the end? Make that exercise even harder by spraying down the loose edge of the toilet paper roll with a bit of hairspray — they can roll and roll, but won’t get the loose edge free before they lose their cool.

Unfamiliar Faces

Swap out the photos in your home’s frames, or in your workplace’s employee gallery wall. Replace the familiar faces with pics of celebs, politicians, or historic figures. What — you never knew George Clooney was a distant cousin…?

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