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15 Christmas Decoration Hanging Hacks

If there is one thing that makes the holidays feel extra special, it’s the decorations. Decorating the house is always hard work, but once everything is set up and shining bright, it’s all worth it! Finding decoration inspiration is always the easiest task, there are endless things to ooh and aah over. However, once you gather all your house lights, ornaments, garland and more, that’s when the tough part comes in — figuring out how you’ll hang the garland on the mantle, attach Christmas lights to your home and hang wreaths on the front door!

The good news is that we have rounded up the best Christmas decoration hanging hacks so you don’t have to spend loads of time fretting over how to make everything look stunning. The holidays are busy enough as it is, so having a few hacks up your sleeve will save you the hassle and leave you more time to spend with the family doing activities.

So, when you are stuck with endless decorations and yards of tinsel, just know that Command hooks, cable ties, hot glue guns and other nifty tools can come to the rescue for all your decorating needs. The best part is that there is no drilling required so you don’t have to worry about doing any major damage to your mantel, front door, banister or anywhere else in your home.

Whether you want to hang up wreaths seamlessly or attach Christmas lights to brick walls, we have you covered with these simple and easy Christmas decoration hanging hacks.

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