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17 Best Christmas Memes to Share

Everyone knows that the holiday season is one of the most stressful times of the year, especially when it comes to the pressure of gift giving. Whether you need a distraction from your family or something to read while waiting in long lines at the mall, escape from the madness of it all by scrolling through these hilarious Christmas memes. Have a good laugh (you deserve it), then share them on social media for all of your friends to see.

There’s No Such Thing as “Too Early”

First Time Seeing Christmas Decorations

Even if you’ve gone holiday shopping more than a few times, your face still probably looks like this baby’s when you see the giant mall Christmas tree.

Halloween and Christmas to the Extreme

We take Halloween and Christmas VERY seriously around here, so don’t expect anything less than 110%.

The Ultimate Christmas Tree

And the Best Christmas Tree Ever award goes to this person whose tree makes us go, “Wait, what?” Now this is how you make Santa proud.

Mariah Carey When One Snowflake Falls

Decorating Christmas Cookies Like…

We go all out on our Christmas treats — especially when it comes to cookies — so you bet we’ve already mastered the art of sprinkling.

When Your Favorite Toy Comes to Life

This is officially the cutest pet moment of the holidays. Now go treat your own pup to brand new toys this Christmas — we already rounded up some paw-some gift ideas.

Wait, How Did the Flintstones Celebrate Christmas?

He Sees You When You’re Sleeping

Looks like someone took the jolly Christmas song a bit too literally. Kind of creepy, but this decoration is definitely funny.

Avoiding Holiday Parties

This is us when we RSVP “yes” too often. A cozy movie night sounds a lot more appealing, anyway.

Genius Christmas Decorations

Thank Goodness You’re Home

Hey, pet parents: Your furry friend is most likely pup to no good while you’re not home. Avoid these kinds of disasters altogether by picking up one of these half Christmas trees instead of your typical evergreen.

Trying to Shop for Presents

Leaving the store with more gifts for yourself than the people on your list is a feeling we know a bit too well. Make it easier to find the perfect present for them by consulting our 2018 holiday gift ideas. You’re welcome.

The Truth About Cyber Monday

Raise your hand if you spent more money than you expected to on Cyber Monday. (We’re guilty too.)

Christmas Then vs. Christmas Now

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