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20 Best Christmas Bingo Ideas

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When it comes to entertaining on Christmas (or any holiday, for that matter), it’s always best to be prepared with party games. Sure, your guests will be busy unwrapping gifts, eating sugary-sweet treats and watching Christmas movies, but at one point or another, they may start itching to, well, do something different. When the inevitable happens, bust out the Christmas bingo cards for some wholesome family fun.

Bingo is perfect for all ages — young kids can easily play along and adults can lean into their competitive side (especially if there are prizes involved). The rules are pretty standard, so all you need to do is distribute the cards and start playing. Before you let the games begin, pick your theme — Hallmark movies, Christmas carols, holiday activities, you name it — and download any of the cards on this list. Some of these Christmas bingo games follow the pay-to-play model, but lucky for you, most of these online printables are completely free to download and print. That means, you can print out a few options and let your guests make the final call!

Psst, if you want to re-use your bingo boards for future Christmases, laminate them right after you print them. Then be sure to stock up on plenty of Christmas candy or on-theme trinkets to use as spot markers.

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