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20 Healthy Christmas Treats – Best Low-Calorie Holiday Dessert Recipes

The holiday season is always a time to indulge, a celebration of your sweet tooth and the most comforting flavors you love. But just because you’re indulging doesn’t mean you need to fill up on processed, overly sugary desserts. The most delicious treats of the season are those that make use of naturally sweet profiles found in late-season fruits, handmade preserves and wholesome baking ingredients you know and love.

Sugar is far from your enemy, and you shouldn’t demonize it, especially during the holidays — it’s part of a balanced diet, after all! But Christmas sweets that are store-bought can be tricky in the amount of added sugar they contain. Plus, some of the most popular dessert products in the supermarket may be too heavy on saturated fats, which you’ll need to keep an eye out for.

These ideas for healthier Christmas treats cover a range of sweets, from traditional cookies rendered vegan and raw to natural fruit gussied up in holiday style. Feel good about serving (and eating) these festive holiday options — think gluten-free gingerbread Rice Krispies treats, vegan peppermint ice cream, and no-bake peanut butter protein balls — many of which are easy to whip up with only a few ingredients in just a couple of minutes. Not to mention, pretty presentations make for crowd-pleasing party foods, and they’re great to give as homemade food gifts, too.

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