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20 Recipes for Leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing

So it’s the day after Thanksgiving dinner … and you’ve got a ton of leftovers. Thankfully, all your delicious stuffing doesn’t have to go to waste! These best-ever leftover stuffing recipes, ranging from sandwiches to meatballs, will make the most out of the herby, flavorful dish from the holidays. Some of these recipes even incorporate leftover turkey, too — which means you can use up all that food in one mouthwatering meal!

What can you do with stuffing, you ask? Well, roughly chopped stuffing combined with ground beef and egg makes a dynamite meatball mixture, while mashed stuffing with eggs and chicken broth creates a deliciously savory pancake or waffle batter. In the mood for something lighter? Simply add leftover stuffing to a salad for amazing “croutons” or use it to stuff peppers for an extra dose of veggies. For a crowd-pleasing brunch, mix stuffing with ham, cheddar and red onion and bake for a cheesy bread pudding that everyone will love. The best part about Thanksgiving leftovers is that they all taste good together, so don’t be afraid to pile a sandwich 0r wrap (or even a quesadilla!) high with stuffing, cranberry sauce, turkey and green beans. You won’t be disappointed.

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