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22 Best Gifts for In-Laws 2021

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Your love story isn’t just about you and your partner. The moment you made things official, you became a part of their family (same goes for them). And while every family has their own dynamics, it’s a golden rule of sorts to always treat your in-laws with the utmost love and respect. So, when it comes time to celebrate Christmas, their anniversary or another gift-worthy occasion, pick up any of these thoughtful gifts for in-laws to show them just how much they mean to you.

No matter how close you may be with your mother-in-law and father-in-law, pull out all the stops by showing up with one of these presents for the pair, ranging in price, personalization and sentiment. Here, you’ll find inexpensive picks for home chefs who can’t stay out of the kitchen (a glossy Dutch oven), retirees on the hunt for a new hobby (a hummingbird feeder) and gardeners looking to add a little more color to their life (a butterfly peddler). If you have kids, give the proud grandparents something special to remember their grandkids by, like a framed print of your little one’s handwritten message to Grandma and Grandpa.

A bonus for you: A lot of these gift ideas are perfect for your own parents. If you need even more ideas (they have everything, we know!), then check out this list of parent-approved gifts.

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A Great Way to Honor Their Family

What a Difference a Day Makes Burlap Print



Put all of their most treasured moments, from their wedding day to the birth of their children, on display. That way, they can take a glance and remember all the moments — and people — that made them who they are. 

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A Small Find If They Already Have Everything

Mug Warmer

Mr. Coffee


They may think it’s a gimmick, but this plug-in mug warmer is the real deal. Just plug it in, place a mug of lukewarm of coffee or tea on top, and relish in its warmth. 


One of Amazon’s Best

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

When life’s stresses start to take a toll on their body, they can lean their neck, shoulders and back against this deep-kneading massager. They can toggle between two different settings, depending if they want to feel heat on their back or not. 

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Personalized Pick for Grandparents

Family Tree Sign



It’s not often that the whole family can physically be together, but at least they’ll have this print to see all of their loved ones — their kids, in-laws and grandkids — in one spot. It arrives framed, so pick between four styles (rusted, stormed, antiqued and normal) to best match their aesthetic.   


Inexpensive Find That Makes an Impact

Hummingbird Feeder

Introduce them to their new favorite hobby: bird watching! Once they fill this feeder with sugar water and place it on a branch, they’re bound to see tons of hummingbirds whizzing by. 


Good Way to Keep on Giving

Fresh Mixed Bouquet Subscription Box

Enjoy Flowers


For a gift that keeps on giving, sign them up for a monthly flower subscription. Sometime throughout the month, Enjoy Flowers will deliver a beautiful bouquet of 20-25 seasonal blooms right to their door. 


A Fun Christmas Activity

Relative Insanity



Now, here’s something the whole family can enjoy. If humor is the way to their heart, this card game is your best bet: Once prompted, each player picks a punch line in their stack of cards that pairs well with the original statement.

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Morning Glory Butterfly Puddler

Uncommon Goods


Sprinkle rock salt or sand into the puddler’s well to invite a kaleidoscope of butterflies to their garden. They’re (winged) creatures of habit, so after the butterflies come once, they can count on them returning time and time again. 


The Best-Ever Cookie Book

Good Housekeeping


Your in-laws know their way around the kitchen, but they’ll surely welcome any excuse to test out new cookie recipes. Lucky for them, the Good Housekeeping Test Kitchen has done the hard work — and now, they can just whip up these triple-tested drop cookies, slice-and-bakes, bars and blondies when they need a sugar fix.


Handwriting Sign



They’re grandparents, first and foremost. So, have your kids write a special message for Nana and Pops (or whatever else they call ’em), and have it printed and framed for gifting. 


Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Hamilton Beach


Start their mornings on a delicious note with this two-in-one sandwich maker. They can each pick their own ingredients  — say, an english muffin vs. croissant —  and then start cooking them at the same time, so they can sit down together.


Foodie Dice

Two Tumbleweeds


After all these years together, they may feel like they’ve tried every recipe imaginable — but this set of dice will prove them wrong. When they need a dinner idea, they can roll the dice to land on a protein, cooking method, grain, herb and seasonal veggie.  



Somehow, they always find a way to lose their phone … or keys … or wallet. After clipping an AirTag to their often-forgotten items, they’ll be able top track them down with their iPhone or iPad.


Enamel Dutch Oven



At this point, they’re all about ease — and Dutch ovens make for a quick and easy clean-up. This one holds six quarts, making it big enough to hold a roast chicken, stew or chili for the whole family. 


Daily Ritual Set

When these whole flowers are set in hot water, they expand and release natural flavors. While reviewers rave that the drink itself is delicious, many say that watching the lotus, rose and chrysanthemum bloom is the best part — “The preparation is meditative,” one person wrote. 


State Scented Candle



You broke their heart when you moved far away, but now they can feel your presence each and every time they light this hand-poured candle, made to smell just like your home state. 


Personalized Photo Puzzle

Even if they aren’t jigsaw puzzle masters (yet), they’ll be determined to arrange all 252 pieces, so they can see your precious family in clear view. 


The Mini Essentials



Whether they’re the type to whip up a three-course meal on a weeknight or rely on their trusty takeout spot, they’ll find a million ways to use Brightland’s flavor-packed oils and vinegars. Perfectly wrapped and gift-ready, this set comes with four minis — two olive oils, two vinegars. 


Gourmet Alcohol-Infused Popcorn Trio

Uncommon Goods


Their movie nights are about to get a whole lot boozier. Ditch the plain buttered stuff and snack on these ready-popped bags of popcorn, each one infused with whiskey, champagne and tequila. 


Giving Decorative Tray



If they’re the type to swear off Christmas gifts, show up with something they can’t refuse: a plate full of homemade cookies. Place the assortment on this glossy plate, then tell them to return the favor at their next gathering. 


Unfiltered Raw Honey

Zach & Zoe Sweet Bee Farm


Sweeten up their party spread with this honey, which is infused with fresh lavender for a subtle herbal flavor. For a brighter bite, go with another one of Zach & Zoe’s best-sellers, including honey with lemon or raspberry. 


House Helper Treeless Linen Towels

Use these linens to wipe down countertops, dry dishes and clean baseboards — or roll ’em up and add a napkin ring for a touch of elegance. Either way,  you’ll feel good knowing that they’re made entirely from biodegradable natural linen.

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