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25 Best Easter Candy 2021

There’s nothing sweeter than celebrating a holiday with loved ones — especially if you throw in sugary-sweet chocolates and candies in the mix. Halloween and Valentine’s Day may be recognized as the most candy-filled holidays of the year, but we all know that Easter also deserves a spot on this list. The day is packed with sweets galore, from rainbow-colored jelly beans to chocolate Easter eggs, bunnies, and chicks.

Whether you’re on the hunt for something small to fit in plastic eggs for your family’s Easter egg hunt or a delicious finishing touch for Easter baskets, check out this list of the best Easter candy you can buy this year. Here, get a taste of our favorite treats — some sour, some sweet — from popular drugstore brands like Hershey’s, Jelly Belly, and Peeps. But if you’re looking for gift-ready or tablescape-worthy options, we’ve included beautifully packaged candy boxes and assortments from Godiva, Dylan’s Candy Bar, and Sugarfina. No matter what kind of budget you’re working with, you’ll find the perfect Easter candy to satisfy their sweet tooth (and yours).


Springtime Chocolate Mix

Dove Chocolate

Celebrate the season with this assortment of milk, dark, and caramel chocolates, all of which are wrapped in cheery foils fit for springtime.


M&M’s Filled Eggs

Mars, Inc.


Take a step out of your Easter egg hunt by hiding these eggs, which come pre-filled with a colorful mix of M&M’s. 


Tangerine Baby Carrot

Jelly Belly


Jelly beans are an Easter staple, but this adorable find from Jelly Belly takes things one step further by arranging the citrus-flavored candies in the shape of a carrot. 


Jelly Beans



Get the juicy Starburst flavors you love — strawberry, cherry, orange, green apple, grape, and lemon — in bite-size form.  


Cookies and Cream Eggs

Like everything you love about an Oreo cookie (chocolate cookies and sweet cream insides) wrapped into one solid chocolate egg.


Solid Milk Chocolate Bunny with Foil-Wrapped Eggs

Every basket needs a bunny! When they aren’t in the mood to bite away at the solid chocolate bunny, they can just pop the chocolate eggs into their mouth. 


Easter Marshmallow Chicks Variety Pack

Make sure you have enough Peeps for everyone in your household by picking up this 50-piece variety pack, featuring chicks in five vibrant hues. 


Peanut Butter Creme Eggs



When they bite into these chocolate eggs, they’ll find the most delicious surprise: a creamy peanut butter center. 


Chicks, Ducks, and Bunnies



Perfectly tangy and sweet, these bite-size candies celebrate everything that spring brings: adorable chicks, quacking ducks, and frolicking bunnies!


Kinder Joy Easter Eggs

These festive Kinder eggs are made up of two separately sealed halves: one that contains chocolate-covered wafer bites filled with cocoa cream, and the other has a surprise toy.


Hoppin’ Good Gummy Kebob

Dylan’s Candy Bar


Put their favorite Easter candy — gummies! — on display with this sugary-sweet kebob, topped with a cute gummy bunny.


Easter Milk Chocolate Eggs Assortment



Just one bag has enough candy to fill multiple baskets. Don’t believe us? Pick up this assortment from Hershey’s, which comes with 170 chocolate eggs in four flavor varieties.  


Bunnies Soft & Chewy Candy

Sour Patch Kids


Standard Sour Patch Kids are great and all, but these ones are much more appropriate for Easter since they come shaped like little bunnies. 


Assorted Chocolate Truffle Eggs

Lindt delivers luxury chocolate at an affordable price point. Inside, you’ll find 14 decadent white, milk, and dark chocolate truffles, all shaped like Easter eggs. 


Rainbow Pop

It’s like a Peeps lollipop! Break them apart to share with friends or save the whole coop for yourself.


Impossible Egg Hunt Easter Candy



Make your kids work for their candy by incorporating these bags of Skittles into their Easter egg hunt. Each pastel-colored bag features intricate designs, making them harder to find (but not nearly as impossible as the name implies). 


Candy Coated Eggs

Tootsie Roll


The hard shell may be deceiving because once they take a bite, they’ll be met with the chewy chocolate center that tastes oh so familiar.


Dutch Assorted Spring Lollipops

Williams Sonoma


Sure, you can throw these lollipops into a basket, but they’re also pretty enough to be used as decor, whether as part of the centerpiece or place settings. 


Jelly Beans

Swedish Fish


There’s something extra egg-citing about trying your favorite candy in different ways. Enter these Swedish Fish jelly beans, which have the same flavor as the original gummies minus the sticky factor.


White Creme Peanut Butter Eggs



If you love white chocolate and haven’t tried Reese’s version, now’s the time, especially since they come shaped like Easter eggs. 


Candy Coated Mini Eggs



The only thing better than Cadbury eggs are Mini Cadbury eggs. The smaller they are, the more you can snack on! 


Milk Chocolate Build-A-Bunny



Big chocolate bunnies are great in theory, but they’re often too overwhelming for little ones to eat. That’s why this genius offering from Hershey’s lets kids build their perfect bunny — or just eat all the chocolate pieces in one go. 


2 Piece Spring Candy Bento Box



All packaged and ready to go, this chocolate egg and fruity gummy set makes the sweetest Easter gift — literally. 


Twisted Strawberry Blast Pull ‘n’ Peel Candy



On a normal day, you may not want your kids to play with their food — but Easter is an exception. Even adults won’t be able to resist the Pull ‘n’ Peel fun!


Sweet Surprise Chicks

See’s Candies


Experience the best of both (chocolate) worlds by cracking one of these milk chocolate eggs open to reveal a solid white chocolate chick.

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