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25 Best Gifts for People Who Are Always Cold

We all know someone who is always — we really mean, always — cold. No matter the season, they’ll somehow find a way to catch a chill, whether it’s the roaring A/C or bitter winter wind to blame. To you, it may be all fun and games (“Freezing in a heat wave? How?!”), but the reality is that you always want the best for the people you love most — and that includes never having to complain about the cold. ever. again.

In that case, browse this curated list of gifts for people who are always cold a.k.a your best friend, coworker, mom, dad or elderly family member. Find cold weather-appropriate clothing and accessories (the heated jacket is a must-buy) to keep them warm all winter long, along with cozy slippers, bathrobes and weighted blankets to snuggle up in at home. But since you’re probably not the first person to give them a cold-centric gift, we included an array of unique Christmas gift ideas that’ll warm him or her from the outside in, like a monthly tea subscription box. Whatever you go with, these thoughtful picks are sure to give ’em the warm fuzzies — literally.


Perfect for the Man or Woman in the House

Wearable Weighted Snuggle Blanket

Ella Jayne


If you can’t be there to hug them IRL, this gift is the next best thing: This wearable blanket combines the calming power of a weighted blanket (each one weighs 10 lbs.) and the comfort of a hooded Snuggie to mimic the feeling.

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For Your Friend With Cold Feet (Literally)

Microwavable Cozy Slippers



Heat their body from the ground up with these ultra-plush slippers, which emit a soothing lavender scent once warm. Stick them in the microwave for a minute (give or take, depending on your settings) to feel the full effects for at least 40 minutes of wear. 


Something Mom Can Wear … Anywhere

Wearable Blanket



The next time they get the chills, they can throw on this fleece-lined blanket-slash-sweatshirt to keep cozy. Just roll up the sleeves to eat, play or work in optimal comfort. 

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If They’re Always Cold at Work

Small Space Heater

If they constantly complain that their 9 to 5 puts the A/C on blast, then give them this mini space heater to keep at their desk. Amazon reviewers rave that it heats up a room quickly (“I don’t have to use it for longer than 5 minutes or so”) and the cooling function makes it easy to transport the heater from room to room.


A Delicious Way to Keep Warm

Tea Discovery Subscription Box

Sips by


A cup of tea is a surefire way to warm them up from the inside out. Add an element of surprise to this otherwise classic gift by signing them up for a monthly subscription, which will send a box of loose-leaf and bagged teas (at least 16 cups’ worth) right to their door. 


A Cozy Must-Have for Winter

Vintage Wool Crew Socks

Fill their stocking with this five-pack of wool socks and you’re good to go. Tack on a few self-care goodies (foot cream, obviously) to remind themselves to take some time to R&R in the frightfully cold months ahead. 


Works for Both Young and Old

Fleece Pajamas



One Amazon reviewer said they “never want to take them off” and that’s all we needed to hear. They’re roomy, super warm and even have a pocket to stash her phone … or hide the TV remote from the rest of her household. 


Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

As soon as they pour their coffee or tea in this app-controlled mug, they can rest easy knowing that it’ll stay the perfect temperature (anywhere between 120°F – 145°F) through hours of Zoom calls, work meetings and whatever else takes them away from their cup.


2-in-1 Shiatsu Foot and Back Massager

Not only does this handy gadget bring the warmth, but it promotes circulation, allowing the shiatsu massager to work its magic. Use the foot massager to ease pains after a long day on your feet, or remove the cover to give the same treatment to your neck or back.

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Fleece Lined Sweatpants

They might think basic sweatpants are warm, but they clearly haven’t tried these sherpa-lined beauties. Outside, they look just like normal sweats (okay, a bit bulkier), but it’s the inside that really counts, leading Amazon reviewers to call them the “thickest, softest, warmest pants I’ve ever worn.”


Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

Uncommon Goods


When they stick this pretty pillow in the microwave for a minute or two, they’ll fill their space with the most calming herbal aroma. But that’s just half of it: Place it on any trouble areas — a tight neck, achy foot, upset stomach and so on — to feel a sense of relief.


Rechargeable Hand Warmers

With a flick of a switch, they’ll have just what they need to keep their body warm. Toggle between three temperature levels, ranging from 95ºF – 131ºF, depending on just how chilling the elements are. 


Pom Beanie and Scarf Set

Give ’em double the warmth — the beanie looks super stylish on top while the knit gaiter protects their neck, lips and ears from the harsh winter winds. 


The Best-Ever Cookie Book

Good Housekeeping


Freshly-baked cookies are the ultimate comfort food — and that’s exactly what they need when the temperature dips. When the time comes, they can whip up any one of these 175 tried-and-tested recipes, everything from salted chocolate caramel cookies to spicy snickerdoodles. 


Bath Salts



If bubble baths are the way to her heart, then give her these bath salts to make hers as luxurious as can be. Tailor the scent to the type of soak she needs — eucalyptus offers clarity, for example. 


Sherpa Pullover



In the days leading up to puffer coat weather, she can snuggle up in this sherpa quarter-zip. Pick from a range of fun colors and patterns, including two-tone plaid and trendy tie-dye. 


Heated Jacket



$149.99 (25% off)

No need for any additional heat packs — a battery-powered warmer is worked into this coat’s design, so you can ward off any harsh chills. Once you turn it on, it’ll heat up within seconds and last for up to 10 hours of straight wear. 


Starry Eyes Self-Warming Eye Masks



Here’s an easy way to take their bedtime routine to a whole new level. Thirty minutes before they’re ready to hit the lights, they can put these self-warming eye masks in place to go into relaxation mode. 


Always Cold Crewneck



Sometimes, you just have to tell it like it is. This crewneck will tell everyone who they’re dealing with, so they won’t be surprised when they ask ’em to crank up the thermostat. 


Flannel Core Sheet Set



A solid night’s sleep is one of the best gifts you can give. It all starts with good sheets — and this set is made with soft-yet-breathable flannel that will keep them warm during the coldest months of the year.


Cozy Chic Unisex Robe

Barefoot Dreams


Post-shower or late at night, bathrobes always come in handy. This one is made with the same fabric as the cult-favorite Barefoot Dreams blankets, so you know she’ll be living in it 24/7, 365. 


Towel Warmer

Live Fine


Towel warmers instantly turn any shower into a spa-worthy experience. Up to 60 minutes before they hop in, they can place two oversized bath towels (or a towel and bathrobe combo) inside and set the timer, so it’s ready as soon as they’re done. 


Cold Beer Coat

Tyrone Hazen


They avoid the cold at all costs — unless beer is involved. Luckily, they can zip up the can in this adorable puffer, so they can enjoy the whole thing while keeping their hands warm. 


Travel Blanket

E Marie


They’ll always be prepared for life’s biggest chills as long as they have this travel blanket stashed in their bag. It’s big enough to be used as a blanket, but they can also wrap it around like a scarf or bunch it up to make a pillow. 


Lavender Warming Pillow

Heart of Hope


This gift takes “cold hands, warm heart” to a literal level. Warm the herb-infused pillow in the microwave for up to two minutes, then soak up its many benefits, like calming aromatherapy and muscle relief. 

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