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25 Best Matching Dog and Owner Costumes for Halloween 2022

Danielle Carson

It’s never too early (or too late) to start planning out your Halloween costumes. Not only are there often multiple parties that you need a different outfit for, but it can be hard finding an affordable, funny and creative costume that is unique without being too difficult to pull off. And if you’re planning on DIY-ing something yourself or trying to create a look that includes your pet, your significant other, your best friend or a large group of people it can be even more stressful. While this list of costume ideas can’t solve all of your Halloween needs, it can help pup lovers out there find the best matching Halloween costumes for dogs and owners.

Yes, that’s right — 25 homemade and store-bought costume ideas for you and your furry friend that are both cute and pup-friendly. Of course, we kept dog safety in mind as well, considering the American Veterinary Medical Association advises dog Halloween costumes to not interfere with your pup’s hearing, breathing, sight or mouth. That in mind, whether you’re looking for something super low-lift and cheap, something pop culture-related or something that’s just plain adorable, there’s a costume for you and your pup on this list.

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Russell, Carl and the House From ‘Up’ DIY Costumes


Jason Voorhees Matching Costumes

Graham crackers + chocolate + marshmallows = a match made in heaven. For the puppy marshmallow, a king-size pillow and some tape and velcro will do the trick.

Shop Cardboard

Get the tutorial at Little Sloth.


Chefs, Butter and Lobster DIY Costumes


Yoda and Darth Vader Costumes


Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum DIY Costumes


Chicken and Waffles Costumes


Barista and Coffee Costumes


Mother of Dragons and Dragon DIY Costumes


Rain and Rainbow DIY Costumes


Taco Bell Sauce and Burrito Costumes


Pennywise and Georgie ‘It’ Costumes


Bride of Chucky and Chucky Costumes


Bubble Bath Family DIY Costumes


Wilma and Fred Flintstone Costumes

Yabba Dabba doo! This iconic pairing is a classic that always works. Dress as the Wilma to your dog’s Fred (or Pebbles, this outfit works for both!), and if you have some extra members in your family, have them dress as other members of the Flintstone gang.

Shop Wilma Flintstone Dress

Shop Fred Flintstone Dog Outfit


Dorothy and Scarecrow Costumes


Dionne and Cher Costumes


50s Waitress and Poodle Girl Costumes


Hot Dog and Ketchup Costumes


UPS Package and Delivery Man DIY Costumes


Black Widow and Captain America Costumes


Mario and Princess Peach DIY Costumes


‘Squid Game’ Players Costumes

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