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25 Best Valentine’s Day Flowers

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Gifting flowers for Valentine’s Day is like a tradition. It’s a way of pronouncing your love or showing gratitude for the friends and special people in your life (check out our list of flower delivery services to customize your very own “I love you” bouquet).

While roses — especially those that are deep red — are popular during this romantic holiday, there are other flowers with special meanings you might not know about. Consider calla lilies for attraction, gardenias for secret love, and red tulips as romantic dedication.

So if you’re looking to stray from your usual DIY gift ideas or add an extra present to the Valentine’s Day gift you already purchased, check out our list of best Valentine’s Day flowers your family, friends and partner. Plus, you never know: You might find it tempting to buy yourself a bouquet as a form of self-love and appreciation.


The Firecracker

This vibrant arrangement features a combination of thistle, craspedia, roses and solidago. The orange and yellow roses make this the perfect gift to showcase your passion and love.   


You’re Precious Bouquet

Carnations, Peruvian lilies and roses are romantic flowers. Put them together and you have a charming bouquet for your partner. 


The Lola

These rose lilies bloom into a radiant pink display. While they’re known for their unique and eye-catching color, they also exude a sweet scent. 


Be Mine Pink and Gold Roses

Pink and gold roses make a stunning combination. Gold roses represent friendship and joy, while the pink signifies grace and happiness. 


Fresh & Lush Green Rose

For your loved ones looking for support and hope this loving season, gift them a bouquet of green roses. 


Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet

You can never go wrong with red roses on Valentine’s Day. Gifting this bouquet is a classic “I love you” gesture.


Magnificent Roses Preserved Blue Velvet Roses

If you have a secret crush and are looking for a mysterious way to show your love and appreciation, dark blue roses are a beautiful hint.


Snowy White Rose

While white roses are typically gifted at weddings, they make great Valentine’s Day flowers for their hidden meaning of innocence and young love.  


Double The Liliana

You may have spotted white lilies at weddings or mournful occasions, but they’re also a festive and joyful gift of love. 


Lullaby Lavender Rose

Pale lavender roses have a delicate feel to them —especially when the guard petals are pink and form a romantic halo around the bud. 


Light of My Life Bouquet

Featuring a combination of pink lilies, orange roses, lavender cushion poms, hot pink carnations and lush greens, this bouquet makes a stunning (and sweet-scented) Valentine’s Day gift. 


Kaleidoscope Roses

These color-enhanced roses are a rainbow lover’s dream. If you’re not sure what colors to choose for your bouquet, there’s no need. These kaleidoscope roses feature bright shades that are vibrant and eye-catching.


The Juneau

Drama and beauty combine with this dried bouquet featuring thistle, lavender, mini pampas, bunny tails, broom bloom and eucalyptus. They’re great gifts for your partner, best-friend or family member. 


Heart Roses

These deep red blooms have ruffled petals for a grandeur and elegant look. 


Magnificent Roses Preserved Lavender Roses

Experiencing love at first sight? A lavender rose bouquet is a charming gift for your special someone.


The Luna

This bouquet contains hints of blue and ivory. It’s a calming flower combination full of white roses, snapdragons and delphinium.


Tulips in the Snow

Along with making a great Christmas bouquet, these snow white tulips are gorgeous gifts for this season of love. 


Phalaenopsis Orchid

This purple striped Phalaenopsis orchid makes a radiant addition to any space. Your loved one will appreciate its vivid color and how easy it is to care for. 


Country Home Rose

Roses are enchanting — especially these bicolor coral and peach ruffled petals. 


Long Stem Yellow Rose Bouquet

Brighten your Valentine’s Day with yellow roses. Any recipient will fall for their sunny color, which symbolizes friendship. 


The Bella

Roselilies and Oriental lilies combine for a unique and elegant bouquet. These flowers represent purity and admiration — ideal to gift a friend or partner.


The Bianca

This vibrant dried bouquet doesn’t require water or sunlight, so it’s long-lasting and easy to care for. The pink, cream and fuchsia shades make it a romantic gift.


Amalfi Orchid Duo

Bright purple orchids are excellent gifts for any occasion, especially Valentine’s Day. 


Magenta Garden Rose

When these magenta roses bloom, they create a unique and beautiful trefoil shape. Since magenta is one color used to represent Valentine’s Day, gifting this bouquet can showcase your love.


Honey Bee Sunflower Bouquet

You don’t need to wait until summer to gift sunflowers. This honey bee sunflower bouquet can be used to show your partner your admiration and devotion.

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