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26 Brilliant Mudroom Ideas – Best Mudroom Storage Ideas

Your mudroom is one of the most high-traffic areas in your home. To make getting out the door in the morning a breeze, it’s important to design a space that is filled with smart organizing solutions. Whether you have a roomy area to create a mudroom that’s complete with built-in cabinets, or a makeshift setup with just a few hooks and a small bench, there are ways to make the most of the space you have.

Get inspired to design a functional mudroom with everything from storage baskets to lockers and cubbies with just enough room for each family member to corral their belongings. And don’t forget to pay attention to styling. Decorative accents like easy-to-care-for plants, artwork and rugs can pull the space together in an instant. What’s more, you can even experiment with eye-catching wallpaper and a bold paint color if you’re not afraid to take a design risk.

Take a look below at some of our favorite mudroom ideas to bring more order to your space, regardless of size.


Create a Makeshift Mudroom

To cut down on clutter in your entryway, create a catchall space. Add a simple wooden bench so everyone can put on and take off shoes easily, and keep pairs organized in storage baskets underneath. To utilize wall space, install hooks to hang coats, hats and bags.



Designate Space for Everyone’s Daily Go-Tos

There’s a reason design pros favor symmetry. Perfect for a family of four, this built-in cabinet system ensures that each person has a tidy spot for their things plus room for a few seasonal items that are best kept out of reach.


Pick One Color

In this mudroom, designer Emilie Munroe chose to carry one rich hue — Benjamin Moore’s Webster Green — up to the molding to create the illusion of a higher ceiling. The color accentuates the built-in cabinet, featuring one side with rows of high and low hooks for kids to access and another set of hooks that are perfect for adults’ bags and coats. Each family member also has a lower drawer for shoes to keep the floor clutter-free.


Utilize a Kitchen Corner

If you don’t have a natural area for stowing shoes, jackets and sports equipment, add a storage cabinet in the corner of an open kitchen-dining space. A wooden bench, along with floating wood shelves to display books and decorative objects, can get the job done.



Hang Wallpaper Up High

Deck out your mudroom’s upper walls with graphic wallpaper that can add contrast to vertical shiplap. Bring in even more pattern with a multicolored striped bench cushion.


Incorporate a Vintage Bench

Give your prized vintage find, like a wooden bench, the attention it deserves by placing it in your mudroom. Surround it with accessories like greenery and a patterned rug to add to its appeal.


Display Greenery

Styling a mudroom shelf is very much like arranging a living room mantel. Showcase a striking piece of art and add a dose of greenery to bring the outdoors in.



Add a Statement Door

A Dutch door will keep unwanted critters out while allowing the fresh air in. This one features a fun color that matches the airy wallpaper inside.


Choose a One-And-Done Piece of Furniture

The easiest way to create a mudroom (even if you don’t technically have one) is to introduce a piece of furniture that does it all — like this bench and hook set.

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Showcase the Kids’ Art

Your mudroom is the perfect place to display the drawings your kids bring home from school. Put the pictures in frames to show just how proud you are of your tiny artists.


Create a Makeshift Mudroom

Just because you don’t have space for a traditional mudroom doesn’t mean you can’t have one at all. Draw inspiration from this makeshift mudroom idea, which is simply a bench with storage and chalkboard set up against a wall near the door.

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Use What You Have

Create the perfect rustic vibe simply by hanging some wire baskets for see-through grab-and-go storage. An old wood table can act as a landing spot for gardening tools.


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Steal Space From the Laundry Room


Install Bold Wallpaper

Because it’s a room you don’t spend a ton of time in, go ahead and cover the walls with a bolder-than-usual wallpaper — it’ll put a smile on your face every time you walk in the door.


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Install a Message Board


Make Dedicated Cubbies

Create individual space for a busy family’s belongings so nothing gets misplaced. Slip some baskets with handles beneath a bench to quickly store things that come and go from the house.


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Pile on the Pattern

From easy-on-the-eyes wallpaper to colorful textiles, let this little nook be proof that any cheerful print will make even the smallest mudroom feel special.

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Make the Floors Eye-Catching

With a bright and unique tile underfoot, keep the walls a simple, crisp white so it doesn’t overwhelm the space. Other than looking beautiful, patterned floor tiles will also hide dirt and dust like a champ.

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DIY a Set of Lockers

This one is easier than it seems: Simply jazz up the cubbies of a ready-made locker set with a trio of rich colors and watch it naturally corral the clutter.

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Skip Furniture

Sure, built-ins are great, but you can make a mudroom out of thin air just by taking advantage of some wall space. Simply put some bins on the ground, some wall-mounted file folders in the middle, and a series of hooks up high.

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Paint With a Strategic Color


Hide It Behind Doors

Perfect for small space dwellers: Dedicate a pre-existing cabinet or closet to function as a drop-spot for bags, shoes, and coats.

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