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30 Best Gifts for Gamers 2022


If you don’t consider yourself a gamer, then you might find it difficult to pinpoint the right gift for an avid player. You may have tried Super Mario Brothers on your Nintendo Switch a few times or Minecraft and Call of Duty on your laptop or console (whether it be Xbox or PS5), but when it comes to the video game-obsessed, there’s more to presents than just a game. To help you with your search for your gamer friend, caring boyfriend, girlfriend or family member (no matter if it’s for the holidays, birthday or another special occasion), we’re sharing our unique roundup of best gifts for gamers that will be just as cool as them playing on Twitch.

While you can gift your gadget-loving friends one of these popular video games of 2022 (Call of Duty and Fortnite included), there are also game controllers, game chairs and personalized items like custom Mario-themed name plates, tumblers and custom pixel art, where you can input their character’s stats. Not to mention pleasing their Nintendo Switch addiction with one of the favored games of the year (these also make great gifts for any teenage boys in your life). And if you want to ease any discomfort after hours of playing, compression gloves are a comfortable and incredibly useful pick.

No matter what present you’re looking for, whether it’s the best gift for your girlfriend or a hard-to-please tween, or unique gifts for your long-time boyfriend, one of these options will catch your eye and make their day.

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Kishi Mobile Game Controller

With its flexible design and USB-C connection, the Kishi mobile game controller can be played anywhere. It collapses for easy storage, making playing games on your phone a comfortable and fun experience.


Video Game Controller Handle Keychains

Video game lovers will find these game controller keychains to be an adorable addition to their collection of gamer accessories. They feature a soft rubber material and are the perfect size for carrying keys.


Cool and Edible

Chocolate Game Controller

This controller may not be much use when it comes to playing video games, but it sure is edible. Choose white, milk or dark chocolate (maybe even buy all three to test out!).


Ease Joint Pain

Fingerless Compression Gloves

Avid gamers are constantly using the joints of their hands to tap buttons and play their games. With these fingerless compression gloves, their hands can remain stable and supported. It’s lightweight and comfortable for everyday wear, with one customer saying they felt “immediate relief” when they put them on.


A Nintendo Birthday Gift

Accessories Bundle for Nintendo Switch

Gift them a pack full of all of their Nintendo necessities. This useful set includes protective cases, screen protectors, racing wheels, joysticks, earphones and more.

This TV LED light has 15 colors, 10 brightness levels and one fade mode. It makes great accent lighting for any part of a room and can help with eyestrain from computer screens.


Keep Your Drinks Cool

Super Plumber Warp Pipe Foam Can and Bottle Cooler

Looking for a unique cooler for your drinks? This warp pipe cooler looks like it came straight out of a video game, specifically Super Mario.


A Tech Gift for Men Who Have Everything

Bluetooth Beanie Hat

With its soft and double-knitted material, their heads will stay warm as they listen to music or play their games in any cold environment. The upgraded HD speakers allows for powerful and clear sound, while the battery life should last up to 16 to 20 hours.


Play Anytime, Anywhere

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

Here’s a game every Nintendo Switch owner can play. Choose your Mario Kart character (King Boo and Dry Bones included) and race against your friends on new and old battle courses from the beloved series.


Wearable Blanket Hoodie

These wearable blankets come in five colors and feature fleece and sherpa fabric to keep you warm no matter how cold the temperature gets. Plus, the handy pockets will keep your hands cozy, too.

Who wouldn’t want to turn themselves into game art? After uploading your image, choose the frame size and the specific game details such as their job class, stats and abilities.


The Best Super Mario Gift

Custom Mario Name Plate

Super Mario lovers will appreciate this custom name plate. It has a 3D and rainbow-colored design, with their name being featured in a single or double line.


Personalized Gamer Bottle

Send this Etsy seller photos of the character you want to recreate (along with the name you want included). They’ll send you a proof to make sure you like the design before it’s shipped to your door.


A Cool Gift for Teens

LED Game Neon Sign

Use this neon sign as home decor for their bedroom or as party decorations. One customer commented: “It provides a nice amount of light, was very easy to hang and the cord is thin enough not to detract from the light itself much.”


If Playstation is their favorite console

Playstation Icons Light

With three light modes, color-phasing effects and music reactive features, this light takes after the iconic PlayStation logo.


Back and Neck Massager

Use the adjustable straps to secure this kneading massager to your gaming chair and indulge in its heating properties. The compact pillow replicates a natural shiatsu massage, helping to soothe any aches from hunching over or excessive physical activity.

Every gamer needs a great chair, especially one where they can comfortably position themselves on the floor. This swivel chair features an adjustable back cushion, padded armrests and a machine-washable base.


Super Mario Question Block Table Lamp

This truly may be one of the coolest lamps ever. Its design mimics the iconic Super Mario question block, with the chain featuring Mario in his classic jumping pose.


Blue Light Blocking Glasses

With these frames, gamers can enjoy their digital time without worrying about eye fatigue. The lenses protect your eyes from the blue rays and have a stylish design that’s durable and lightweight. Bonus: This purchase comes in a set of two and has an array of colors to choose from.


A Blast to the Past

Retro Arcade Machine

This mini arcade machine comes with 300 retro-styled games installed. It operates with three AA batteries and is small enough for travel.

Perfect for playing games on the couch, this desk has a three-part construction, six USB 3.0 ports, a washable suede-like cover and three small pockets that can be attached anywhere.


High-Back Gaming Chair

Pink, blue and red are only a few color options for this faux leather chair. It’s thickly cushioned for comfort and comes with a headrest pillow for spine and neck support.


Gaming Headphone Stand

With 10 lighting modes and four non-slip rubber bases, this headphone stand is the perfect gift for game lovers. It also has two USB 2.0 ports for transferring files or charging.


100 Video Games Bucket List Scratch Poster

With this poster, they’ll have 100 game ideas they can play in their free time. The images also make this a unique and colorful piece of wall decor for their bedroom or game room.


For the Pokemon Fans in Your Life

Poke Ball Molded Mug

Pokemon watchers and game players can show off their love for the animated franchise with a mug that looks just like a poke ball. Note: It’s not microwave-safe.


Sensory Board Game for Kids

Among Us Fidget Toy

Inspired by the characters in the Among Us game, these squishy toys are great stress relievers for younger kids (and tweens or teens if needed). They come in a set of two and have bright colors that are pleasing to the eye.

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Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros

This Nintendo system has classic games installed: Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels and Ball (Mario version). Not to mention a digital clock.

These game socks are not only luminous, but they’re also stretchy and comfortable. In order for them to glow in the dark, expose the bottom to light for at least five minutes.


Kraken Ultimate RGB USB Gaming Headset

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