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30 Best Thanksgiving Cocktails — Easy Drink Ideas for Thanksgiving 2021

Mike Garten

Without a doubt, Turkey Day necessitates a checklist that’s chock-full of holiday to-dos. While you gather your all of your dinner recipes to prep for the big day, you’ll be inspired to get festive (and decompress!) with these easy-to-make Thanksgiving cocktails.

Our curated cocktail selections — such as apple cider sangria and pumpkin martinis — should delight any taste buds. Whether you’re into a heartwarming libation or a cocktail that’s cool as ice, we’ve got you covered with fall-inspired drinks that include bourbon, rum, vodka, champagne (or all of the above!). While there are individual recipes for a small group, we’ve also include plenty of festive punches that you can easily whip up for a crowd.

Looking for non-alcoholic beverages for Thanksgiving Day? You can easily leave off the alcohol in any of these recipes, but you can also check out our list of the very best mocktails for the holiday.

Now all that’s left to do is decide what treats you’ll serve after dinner (or maybe our spiked hot chocolate will be dessert?).

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Apple Cider Sangria

Celebrate with a little sangria this Thanksgiving. The rich colors of seasonal fruits, including crisp apple slices, should spice up your spectacular holiday tablescape.

Get the recipe for Apple Cider Sangria »


Ginger-Sage Rye Cocktail

While ingredients like ginger, sage and rye are typically used in celebratory sides (like stuffing!), they also make for a sensational cocktail. A sprig of sage in your glass should be a stunning accent.

Get the recipe for Ginger-Sage Rye Cocktail »


Maple Whiskey Sour

Transform your Thanksgiving menu with a little whiskey. Naturally, this maple syrup-sweetened bourbon beverage should whet your whistle — and provide a visual treat.

Get the recipe for Maple Whiskey Sour »


Spiked Hot Chocolate

Thanksgiving is a moment for you to indulge a bit. Once you taste the layered flavors of this hot chocolate, you’ll want another sip. Pour into glass mugs and present with toasted marshmallows for a stunning visual delight.

Get the recipe for Spiked Hot Chocolate »


Cherry Simple Syrup

Every aspiring mixologist needs a go-to recipe to prepare a delectable drink for the holidays. This tangy simple syrup is perfect in a mocktail or as a mixer in your favorite boozy pick.

Get the recipe for Cherry Simple Syrup »


Blackberry Mint Moscow Mule


Blue Moon Jell-O Shots

From tailgates to Thanksgiving dinner, these Blue Moon Jell-O Shots will be a hit. Garnish your mini beers with a citrus wedge to complement the bright colors.

Get the recipe from Delish »


Thyme Plum Moscow Mule


Sparkling Wine Mojito Punch


Pumpkin Spice White Russian

This pumpkin spice White Russian should thrill your guests at Thanksgiving. Vodka, coffee liqueur and a buttery graham cracker crust rim serve delectable dessert flavors.

Get the recipe from Country Living »


Apple-Cinnamon Cider Cups


Ginger Bee Sting

Pairing ginger with a citrus (and a hint of cayenne) gives gourmands a chance to put on a mixology show for Thanksgiving. Spice up your menu with this Scotch-based cocktail once the holiday arrives.

Get the recipe for Ginger Bee Sting »

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