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30 Cute Couple Gifts 2021


In theory, shopping for two people at the same time sounds like a huge time (and maybe, money) saver. That is, until you realize just how tricky it is to find something that they’ll both actually like and use. If you’re coming up with nothing, you can always divide and conquer, but we’re all for giving couple something they can enjoy together, whether it’s a date night subscription box, a memory-filled photo book or a gift experience that’s better shared.

Browse through this list of the best gifts for couples to find the perfect way to celebrate their love — or depending on what you pick, make their rock-solid romance even hotter. All of these gift ideas are made with lovers in mind, whether they just started dating, recently got engaged, are newlyweds or have been married for what feels like forever. Many of these picks can be personalized in one way or another, either with custom engravings, photos of the happy couple or handwritten messages. The added thought is a sweet way to celebrate their love on Christmas, their anniversary, wedding day and all the days to follow.

If you have your doubts that one gift is enough, couple up their presents (get it?) by picking a gift specifically for him and her. That way, you can guarantee that they’ll both have something to unwrap when the time comes.

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Works for Long-Distance Couples

100 Things to Do Bucket List Scratch Poster

Gift Republic


At this point, all of their date nights look exactly the same: Grab dinner, watch a movie and fall asleep on the couch well before the credits come on the screen. This scratch-off poster will get them out of their rut, offering 100 fresh date ideas, everything from a virtual cooking class to strawberry picking.

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A Fun Delivery Each and Every Month

Monthly Subscription Box

DateBox Club


Each month, take the stress out of planning date night and let DateBox Club do the hard work for them. Boxes match a specific theme — cocktails or brainteasers, for example — and come packed with enough activities to last them the whole night.


More Creative Than a Basic Jigsaw

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle

Uncommon Goods


Their lives changed the moment they decided to go all-in — whether it was the day they moved in together, said “I do” or officially became a couple. As they put together this 500-piece puzzle, they’ll go right back to the moment two became one. 


For a Romantic Night In

Couples: Conversation Starters for Great Relationships



They might think that they’ve talked about it all — but this card deck will show them otherwise. Each card features a thought-provoking question — some spicier than others — to inspire deeper conversations. 


Funny (Depending on What You Pick)

Pizza Roulette Cut & Serve Board

Uncommon Goods


Kick pizza night up a notch: as they take a slice, they’ll reveal their next task. Just like a standard game of roulette, it’s all in the name of luck — some are a gift (“have another slice”), others are a chore (“wash the dishes”). 


A Unique Way to Give Photos

Vintage Style Personalized Photo Album



Here’s a fun way to display their most treasured memories. Browse through their Instagram or Facebook to come up with 10 of their best snapshots, then send to this Etsy maker who will create a literal highlight reel. 


Something They Can Do Together

Date Night Box

The next time they’re having a chill night at home, they can whip out this board game and, well, heat things up. It starts off with standard question-and-answer cards, then things take a spicy turn when the activities and challenges come out. 


If They’re Moving In Together

Aglaonema Wishes

The Sill


Perfect for the couple who needs a little luck thrown their way, this spotted plant is said to bring good luck and fortune to whoever grows it. Another plus: It arrives in a colored ceramic planter, so it’s ready to go. 


Doubles as an Experience

2022 Recipe-a-Day Calendar

They’re always looking for something new to cook up in the kitchen and Delish is here to save the day: At the start of every day, flip to the given date to find out what’s on the menu. 


For the Couple Who Has Everything

Wood and Marble Wine Coaster Set

Mark & Graham


The next time they have guests over (so, you?), they can break out the wine and place it in this monogrammed marble holder. Then everyone can set their glasses on the matching wooden coasters to prevent any stains and spills. 


Single Varietals Tasting



No matter their palette, they’ll find something to love in this tasting set. Inside, there are nine different varietals — five red, three white and one rosé — to sample. 


Custom Family Portrait



Since their house is already covered with framed photos of their best moments, switch things up by framing this portrait, personalized with their names and/or anniversary date. Just send a clear photo of the happy couple with or without their kids and pets, and let the Etsy seller handle the rest.


The Bucket List: 1000 Adventures Big & Small

Encourage them to find new adventures in the months ahead with this awe-inspiring coffee table book, full of 1000 wanderlust-inducing activities scattered across the globe.


Milestones Wine Labels



Make a few basic bottles of wine way more gift-worthy by affixing these labels to the front. Each label is tailored to a moment in their near future: their first anniversary, Christmas and so on.  


Custom Star Map



Send an important date (like their first date or anniversary) and its corresponding location to this Etsy shop, and they’ll create a framed version of what the sky looked like on that fateful night.


Our Q&A a Day: 3-Year Journal for 2 People

Potter Style


Sweeter than your average journal, this book repeats the same questions each day over the course of three years, giving couples a clear visual of how they’ve evolved. 


Personalized Cutting Board



No matter if they’re newlyweds building their first home or “oldyweds” in need of an upgrade, this light or dark wood cutting board makes a special addition to their kitchen, especially since it comes engraved with the couple’s last name and anniversary date.  


Foodie Dice

Two Tumbleweeds


Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, encourage them to sharpen their culinary skills with this choose-your-own-adventure kit. Before they head to the grocery store, they can roll the five dice to unveil the makings of their meal: protein, seasonal vegetables, herb, grain, bonus ingredient and cooking method. 


Song Lyrics Wall Art



Their first dance is one wedding memory that is hard to preserve — until now. As long as you know which song they danced to, you can turn their special moment into a beautiful keepsake for all to see. 


Scratch Off Map of The World



Even if their vacation plans are on hold, they can look back at all of their past adventures with this scratch-and-reveal map. Then as they check more places off their bucket list, they can update the map by scratching off the gold layer covering each state or country. 


Mini Projector



Yes, their TV is fine for binge-watching all six seasons of Schitt’s Creek, but imagine how incredible “A Little Bit Alexis” will look once they connect their Netflix account to this projector, which works on any wall up to 150″. 


New York Times Custom Anniversary Book

Uncommon Goods

First, confirm their anniversary date. Then watch them take a walk down memory lane as they flip through the front pages of the year they said “I do.”


Personalized Book of Love

Uncommon Goods


Sometimes, it takes someone else to remind a couple about what makes them special. This book, which comes customized with their names, genders, and characteristics, walks them through the day-to-day moments worthy of “I love yous.”


Bamboo Cheese Board

Dynamic Gear


If they love a good charcuterie board, give them the foundation for a picture-worthy spread. This bamboo cheese board also comes with a pull-out drawer to store cutlery. 


Personalized Adventure Map Print



Their love story goes beyond city limits, state lines and continents. Give them a framed or canvas art piece to show off anywhere from three to eight places that have made their relationship what it is. 


You & Me Puzzle Christmas Ornament



Attach this wooden ornament duo to a card or small gift. Write their names or anniversary date on the back or let them personalize the puzzle pieces themselves. 


Color Series Photo Book

Artifact Uprising


If they recently celebrated a big milestone — babies! new house! marriage! — document it in this softcover picture book. Tailor it to their moment with a special title and outside color. 


Funny Coffee Mug Set

The Smurfs321


This gift may catch them off guard … until they realize just how spot-on the messages are.


Wooden Picture Frame



A relationship like theirs is truly an adventure of a lifetime — and this sweet wooden frame celebrates the beauty in just that. Add a 6″ x 4″ photo from their most recent vacation — whether across the globe or 20 minutes from home. 


Geode State Ornament

Uncommon Goods


The perfect addition to their Christmas tree: unique stoneware charms that look like geodes and will remind them of their home states.

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