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35 Best Mother-in-Law Gifts 2021

No matter how long you’ve known your mother-in-law, giving her the perfect gift may feel just as nerve-wracking as your first meeting way back when. The best Mother’s Day gifts for mother-in-laws find a way to balance heart, personalization, and practicality — all qualities that are important to moms everywhere. That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of the best gift ideas, matching different price points, interests, and relationships.

Some of these Mothers’ Day gift ideas will inspire your mother-in-law to spend more time in her garden, others will help her out in the kitchen, a few will highlight what she loves most (her grandchildren, obviously), and several will encourage her to step up her self-care game. Even if you feel like your relationship is just getting started (all good things take time, after all), you can always pass on the sentimental presents and go for a classic, foolproof gift like a cute necklace or flower bouquet delivered to her door. At the end of the day, all of these picks, whether inexpensive or luxury, will make your mother-in-law (or future mother-in-law, even) feel the love on Mother’s Day and beyond.


A Sweet Way to Get Personal

Personalized Family Tree Necklace

Since her family means so much to her, give her a gold or silver necklace with up to 12 gemstone leaves to represent the people she loves most. Before you place your order, confirm everyone’s birth months, so the right colors are chosen.  

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If She Says She Has Everything …

Oversized Wearable Blanket

Even in the heat of the summer, your mother-in-law still complains that she’s cold. When the chill hits, she can throw on this sherpa-lined oversized sweatshirt and wrap up in it like a blanket. 


A Gift of Luxury (Yes, Really)

Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

She’s notorious for pouring a cup of coffee early in the morning … and forgetting about it until lunch. If she puts her drink in this Bluet00th-enabled mug, it’ll stay heated at her ideal temperature all day long. 


More Thoughtful Than One Framed Pic

Heart Snapshot Mix® Photo Art

You know what she really wants for Mother’s Day this year: updated photos of her loved ones. Instead of trying to settle on one image to frame, choose 30 of your favorites and arrange them in this sweet heart-shaped print. 


Unique Find for Gardeners

A Year in Flowers

Chronicle Books

Now that her garden is in full bloom, give her the tips and tricks she needs to arrange centerpiece-worthy floral bouquets. This gorgeous read explains what she needs to know about caring for the flowers she has, and then how to use them in different DIYs.

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Lemon and Lime Citrus Tree

This summer, she’ll trade store-bought lemonade for a pitcher of her very own tart drink. How, you ask? Give her an indoor Meyer lemon tree that’ll thrive anywhere in her house as long as it’s close to the sun.


A Present She Can Feel Good About

Orange Blossom Eau de Parfum

The 7 Virtues


This fresh and fruity perfume is clean beauty at its finest: It’s vegan, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, and the essential oils are ethically sourced from Afghanistan.


If She Loves to DIY

Stitch Club Bobble Knit Pillow + Tutorial



This throw pillow would look cute wrapped up in a bow, but it’ll be even more special to your mother-in-law after she takes the time to crochet it from a skein of yarn. If she’s still a beginner, GH Stitch Club has her covered: Along with the yarn and needles, she’ll get written instructions and videos to guide her. 


Pack On the Sentiment

Custom Sign Wood Recipe Card



Chances are, she has few recipes that she’s grown to love over the years. Take one of them — whether it’s hers or someone else’s — and have this Etsy maker replicate the handwritten card into a beautiful wooden decor piece. 


Cocktail-Inspired Soap

Danielle Martin


It’s always happy hour, at least when she works these cocktail-inspired bar soaps into a lather. Pick from two boxed sets: one with elderflower mimosa and lavender bitters, and the other with mint mojito and limoncello. 


Custom Cutting Board



If she’s the cook in the family, then she probably has a few (too many) cutting boards already. We bet she doesn’t have her own wooden board engraved with her name, though.


Jungalow: Decorate Wild

Sprucing up her space may be at the top of her list and Justina Blakeney, the founder and designer behind Jungalow, is here to help. In this book, she’ll get inspired to mix bold colors and patterns — or as Justina likes to call it, “decorate wild.” 


Custom Birth Flower Portrait



Include up to 10 flowers in this print, available for digital download or physical print, to represent all of children, grandchildren, siblings, or any other loved ones she holds dear. Just double-check everyone’s birth months before you submit your order. 


Happy Mother’s Day


Since a good bottle of wine is the way to her heart, go for this personalized option, which lets you engrave the bottle with a heartfelt message. The wine might not last long, but the bottle will be around forever. 


Moonlight Pajamas



After a long day of wining and dining, your MIL will love lounging in these super-soft knit PJs. Perfect for keeping cozy in the cooler months, this lightweight set comes in stripes, solids, and prints.  


Bread Warming Stone

Jo-Ann and Gerald Warren


Now that she’s mastered her sourdough starter, give her something to support her bread-making passion. Stick this handmade terra-cotta warmer in the oven for 10 minutes to heat up any loaf — fresh or homemade. 


Pro Vitamins Vol. 1 Collection

Sunday Riley


The cult-favorite products in this set work together to brighten, hydrate, and minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. The C.E.O. Glow Vitamin C + Turmeric Face Oil is a true standout: A Good Housekeeping editor raves that it adds a dewy, not oily glow to her everyday makeup. 


Acupressure Mat Set

She’s tried foam rolling and massage guns to alleviate aches and pains, but what about acupressure? When she lays down on the mat and rests her neck on the pillow, she’ll put pressure on her trouble spots, easing the stress and tension that’s weighing her down.


Actual Handwriting Bracelet



There are so many ways that you can customize this silver, gold, or rose gold bracelet: Get your husband or kid to write something sweet and then turn it into a stunning gift. Or you can give her a few options — one from her son, grandson, and husband — to really win her over.


Women’s Tree Runners



Celebrity moms, including Kristen Bell and Cindy Crawford, love Allbirds — and for good reason. These stylish sneakers are breathable, machine washable, and come in more than 15 shades. 


JIGGY Puzzle Club



At this point, she’s completed every jigsaw puzzle in her house at least once. Thanks to JIGGY (and you!), she’ll get a 500-piece puzzle delivered to her door each month.


Bathtub Tray

Royal Craft Wood


Consider this the ultimate stress-free kit: Pair this adjustable bath tray with her favorite candle, bubble bath, and chocolates. And yes, it’s even sturdy enough to hold a book and glass of wine. 


Leighton Vase



Stick a bunch of fresh or faux blooms in this beautiful stoneware vase, available in three different sizes, to bring a burst of color to her space. 


Gift Card


Give her a week’s or month’s supply of wine with a Winc gift card. It’s easy: You pick the amount, and then she can choose from extensive varieties of reds, whites, and bubblies to arrive on her doorstep before her next girls’ night in. 


Birth Flower Necklace



Birth flowers are a sweet, less conventional way to customize any pendant. So, tell this artisan her birth month and they’ll engrave it on a gold, silver, or rose gold disc.


Heated Neck and Shoulder Wrap



When heated, this neck and shoulder wrap will emit a unique blend of lavender and peppermint while melting away her aches, pains, and stress.


Gardening Stool



Tending to her garden beds doesn’t have to be painful. This 21-pocket tool kit doubles as a seat, so she can weed her gardens without dirtying — or hurting — her knees.


Elegant Calla Lily



More unique than a classic bouquet, these pink and purple lilies come in a gray wooden planter that gives off a rustic-chic vibe. It’ll arrive at her door fully bloomed, so she can bask in its beauty on day one. 


Square and Rectangular Baker Set

Good Housekeeping


After all these years, it’s time for your mother-in-law to refresh her cookware. These high-rimmed nonstick pans work for any and every cooking need, whether she’s baking a sheet cake or roasting mixed vegetables. 


Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

With these pretty planters, she’ll have an herb garden in no time (even if she’s lacking a green thumb). All she has to do is plant the seeds, fill the pre-soiled jar with water, and watch her basil, cilantro, or herb of choice start growing.


Strands of Tradition Apron

This apron, while adorable and practical, has a greater purpose: Profits from each sale go directly to Every Mother Counts, an organization that works to make sure all mothers and their babies are safe during childbirth. While you’re at it, you might as well pick up a few extra for the other bakers in your family. 


Succulent Laser Cut Wood Journal



This blank journal is pretty enough for her to leave out in the open, but we all know that the magic really happens inside: She can fill it with to-do lists, big life dreams, and day-to-day musings.


Custom Quote Bookmark



An avid reader like her won’t have to dog-ear the pages of her favorite books as long as she has this leather bookmark around. You can even add a quote to be stamped on one side to keep chasing after new adventures — in books and real life.


Lavender Honey



She thinks her chamomile tea was calming enough, but wait until she mixes in a spoonful of this lavender-infused honey. Not only does it taste delightful, but the herbs bring a sense of calm. 


Actual Fingerprint Necklace

Miela Jewelry


If she’s a new grandma, then give her a necklace she’ll cherish forever. The catch: You have to get your squirmy baby or toddler to sit still long enough to stamp a fingerprint. Engrave the backside with her grandchild’s name, initials, or birth date as an added bonus. 

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