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35 Funny Thanksgiving Jokes to Tell This Year

Thanksgiving is really the first official family get-together to kick off the holiday season. Although we love our families, we all know that relatives can be sometimes difficult, especially around this time of the year. So, to get a few laughs going around the table and to lighten the mood if it gets heavy, we are sharing these funny (and a little corny) Thanksgiving jokes to share when it comes time for slicing the turkey.

Whether you need to change topics at the dinner table or simply want to entertain the kids, you’ll find it helpful to keep these Thanksgiving jokes in your back pocket. From hilarious puns to one-liners, these are all kid-friendly jokes so anyone can crack a smile. On this list, you will find everything from knock-knock jokes to classic ones like “why did the turkey…” and so many more.

With all jokes aside, if you need more ideas to keep the family occupied, there are tons of fun Thanksgiving activities you can do while waiting for dinner or games that you can play as well — you really can’t go wrong! And when everyone is full from endless slices of pie and delicious stuffing, sit around the couch and watch one these Thanksgiving movies after the plates have been cleared.

So, this year when you see the relatives, give theses Thanksgiving jokes a go — just don’t mess up the punchline!

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