4 ways to promote your Halloween sale on social media

For many, Halloween is the time to dress up, celebrate, and eat lots of candy. But if you’re a business owner, you probably already know that the scary season means much more to you. For you, this occasion is the perfect opportunity to increase your sales through special seasonal promotions.

To get the most out of the Halloween season, you have to be there as the answer to all your customers’ seasonal shopping needs. But how do you make sure to let your customers know about your spooktacular Halloween deals?

Through social media, of course!

These days, everyone you know and want to reach out to is active on at least one social media platform. As a retail business, your goal is to make sure you pop up on their feeds every time your customers think “Halloween”.

So, break out the orange and black decor and get your sales posters ready. To tackle Halloween sales in style and maintain a spooky brand image on social media, follow these 5 effective promotional strategies:

Halloweenify your logo

Your logo is your identity. It is what helps your customers recognize you. So why not add a little seasonal flair and show your audience how excited you are to serve their Halloween needs?

Add a splash of Halloween by changing up the color scheme of your logo and use it as your profile photo across social media sites. Throw in a hint of the traditional Halloween colors; orange and black. Add in some spooky elements, like a witch’s hat, a cobweb with a spider hanging off of it, or pumpkin.

Adding this seasonal twist to your logo will help you showcase that you’re officially ready for the Halloween season and that you have a lot of creepy surprises in store for your audience.

Set up a special Halloween promotional code

With Halloween creeping closer, you probably have a lot of seasonal sales, offers, discounts, and special promotions for your customers. So why not spread the news about these deals through social media?

Conjure up your own promotional code for Halloween to promote your online sales and share it on your Facebook and Instagram stories for a limited time. This will drive traffic to your page and will have people hopping to your website.

Here are some fun ideas for promo codes to inspire you to create your own:

  1. Buy 1 get 1 free with code TRICKNTREAT on our website
  2. Get 20% of Halloween decor with code FANGTASTIC
  3. Get a special discount with the coupon TOMBSTONE on our website

Share this promo code by posting exciting sales posters on your feed and stories. You can find a wide range of Halloween sales templates through online sites like PosterMyWall that you can customize according to your needs. Add a link to your website to direct your customers straight to your sales.

Encourage user-generated content through fun hashtags

One of the best ways to promote your Halloween sales is to encourage your customers to post pictures of themselves with your products along with a fun, catchy hashtag.

Create a hashtag for your Halloween sale and have it blow up on Instagram and Twitter by asking customers to use the hashtag in any posts and stories they create with your product. For instance, if you’re a retail business with a sale on Halloween costumes, create a unique hashtag for your special offer and encourage customers to tag it whenever they post in costumes brought at your store. Starbucks’ special #ZombieFrappuccino hashtag a few Halloweens ago is a great example on how to go about this.

Alternatively, you can look for an already trending hashtag, such as #Halloweenmakeup, and jump on the bandwagon by encouraging followers to tag your page whenever they use your seasonal product. Entice them by offering a special giveaway for the best or most liked posts with your hashtag and tag.

Use Facebook Live to show what you have to offer

If you own a brick and mortar business, there’s no doubt that you’ll be going all out to deck out your store for the Halloween traffic. You’ll be setting up your seasonal products in the front, setting up some spooky decor, and waiting in anticipation for your customers to drop by for your amazing Halloween offers.

Why not take a step further to make sure your efforts don’t go unseen? Go Live on Facebook before sale day and showcase all the preparations you’re making for the Halloween season. Show your audience around your store and let them see how you’ve decorated the place. Take them through your best seasonal product display and provide them with information on your best offers.

You can also go live on sale day to showcase the holiday excitement in your store in real time and to let people know to hurry up.

Plan ahead

While planning out your social media strategy for Halloween, remember to be creative, unique, and on schedule with your promotions. If you’re still looking for more interesting ideas and tips on how to vamp up your social media feed this Halloween, try out this Halloween Calendar for exciting ways to promote your business this scary season.


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