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40 Gag Gift Ideas for Women and Men

Everyone deserves a good laugh after a long year. Lighten up the holidays by giving these laughter-inducing gag gifts to your family, friends and coworkers, which are especially perfect if you’re hosting a White Elephant or Dirty Santa gift exchange.

Yes, some of these gag gifts are kind of ridiculous — but that’s the point! From silly footwear like fish flops and baguette slippers to the world’s smallest violins and microphones, these seriously funny gift ideas are something that everyone on your list will either love to hate, hate to love or a mix of both. Either way, no one — even your office’s designated Grinch — can deny that laughter is the best gift of all.

To really win the gifting game, balance laughter with sentiment and heart by rounding out their presents with these one of these gift picks for men and women. (Don’t get your girlfriend a gag gift and nothing else.)

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Inexpensive Way to Get a Laugh

Emergency Underpants




“Light When [Insert Name Here] Farts” Candle



There’s something about farts that always get people laughing. Call out their partner, parent or pet in this ROFL-worthy candle, which comes in eight different scents. 


Gag Gift Under $10

The Golden Girls: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas

Penguin Workshop

Let Blanche, Dorothy, Rose and Sophia parody a classic holiday read with their quintessential wit and sass. Lanais, cheesecake and Dorothy’s side eye included. 


Something Men Will Appreciate

The Original Toilet Night Light



If midnight bathroom runs are part of their evening routine, then light their way to the throne with this motion-activated night light. That way they can go to the bathroom in peace without turning on the bright overhead light. 

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Top Gag Gift on Amazon

Fish Flip Flops

The Coddies fish flops had a big year on social media — they might just be the most popular (and useful) gag gift we can think of. They come in seven colors, fit everyone in the family and have over 5,000 5-star reviews on Amazon. It’s hard to go wrong.


Miniature Violin

Parents will appreciate this one: When kids start whining, they can pull out this three-inch violin and start playing to offer their deepest sympathies. 


Shakespeare Insults Poster

Curious Charts Commission


The next time they want to diss their friend or partner (lovingly, of course), they can turn to this poster with burns inspired by one of literature’s most influential wordsmiths. Find insults straight from Shakespeare’s work like “stuffed cloak-bag of guts.” 


Fishing Pole Campfire Roaster



Fishing? They’ve got it down to a science. Making s’mores, on the other hand, proves to be a little more complicated. With this fishing-inspired roaster, they can use the skills they already have to roast a perfectly golden marshmallow. 


Practical Enough for Dad

Cold Beer Coats

Uncommon Goods


Even their cold one doesn’t want to catch a chill. They can stick their beer or soda can in these adorable koozies to keep their hands warm and prevent condensation. 

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Your Kids Will Actually Love

Bubble Tea Light

For the one who can’t go a day without bubble tea, this funny and adorable boba-filled lamp.


Beer Belly Waist Pack

This fanny pack changes the definition of beer belly, because a can of beer can literally fit inside of it. The hair looks so real, it’s scary.



Mini Karaoke Microphone


Inappropriate But Downright Hilarious

Drawing Without Dignity

TwoPointOh Games


This Pictionary game isn’t for the faint of heart: Once a player picks a card, they’ll have to draw whatever it says — no matter how cringe-worthy it may be. 


Bag of Dog Farts Cotton Candy

Little Stinker


Amazon reviewers promise that this sugary-sweet treat smells better than the real thing. Because, we hate to say it, no matter how incredible their dog is, their farts aren’t made of pink sugar. 


Friends Sheet Face Mask

This “Monica turkey head” face mask will get a good chuckle out of the friend who loves Friends — while giving them a soothing cranberry skincare experience.


Baguette Slippers

Take standard loafers to a literal level — loaf of bread … get it? — with these pun-worthy slippers. (They’re almost as fun as the fish flops.)


Made Specifically for Coworkers

Affirmators! at Work: 50 Affirmation Cards

Knock Knock


Whether they’re back at the office or still WFH, your best work friend will find solace in these “inspirational-but-not-cheesy affirmation cards.” They’ll encourage them to think beyond their cubicle (or bedroom-turned-office) while still giving a good laugh. 

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Adulting Stickers



Recent grads have nowhere to go but up, especially when given stickers that boasts major accomplishments like “made a real meal” and “washed my hair today.” Honestly, all adults could use the same encouragement. 


Actually Useful Gag Gift

“Oh, For Fox Sake” Wine Glass

Clever (like a fox) and cute, the punny message on this stemless wine glass tells it like it is. When she’s not in the mood for anything or anyone — except wine, of course — she can pour herself a glass and rediscover her sense of humor.

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The World’s Strongest Ground Coffee

Death Wish Coffee Co.


Our guess: They won’t need to rely on their afternoon coffee to get through the day after drinking a cup of this dark roast. Beyond it’s high caffeine levels, Amazon shoppers love its subtle and smooth flavor. 


Pizza Blanket

Silver Lilly


When snuggled up in this plush sleeping bag, they’ll have visions of pepperoni pizza dancing in their heads. Or at the very least, they’ll feel cozy and warm during their next Netflix marathon.


Forking Good: An Unofficial Cookbook for Fans of ‘The Good Place’

Quirk Books


Since they can’t forking believe that The Good Place is over, they might as well drown their sorrows in a plate of Macaroni and Socracheese. At least that’s what Eleanor would do. 


Gag Gift Under $5

Dill Pickle Lip Balm



Here’s one clever way to satisfy their pickle cravings. “I bought this as a joke for my husband who’s obsessed with dill pickle chips, he actually LOVES it,” one Etsy reviewer wrote. 


Sasquatch Soap

Seattle Sundries


Gift the Sasquatch in your life – ya know, the guy who is big, hairy, and elusive — this black walnut and cocoa powder soap that’s moisturizing enough for Bigfoot. 


“Walk the Dog” Socks



Socks for any member of a couple that shares a canine pal.


2022 Pooping Pooches Dog Calendar

Each month, they can look forward to flipping to a new image of a dog doing his business in 12 different destinations around the country. FYI: $1 of each purchase goes to the Maui Humane Society to support animals.


Mini Tabletop Pool Game

Do they need a functional mini pool table for their game room or coffee table? No. But it’s a lot less expensive than gifting them the real thing — and it’s still great for parties.


Custom Face Socks




Cat Tarot: 78 Cards & Guidebook


Lean into their weird (?) cat obsession by gifting them a cat tarot card set, complete with a helpful how-to guide.


Like My Recent Nifty Note

Knock Knock


This notepad is basically a funnier way to say, “Tell me you love me!” Just be prepared for them to use it against you when they post Instagram photos from here on out.


“Love That Journey For Me” Bracelet



Only diehard Schitt’s Creek fans will understand just how downright hilarious this bracelet is. And while other people may not get the meaning behind Alexis’ iconic line, they’ll at least think that the person wearing this dainty bangle is optimistic (to say the least). 

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Cat Paw 3D Mousepad

A cute and functional gift for gamers and cat people alike — this squishy cat paw mousepad.


Bath and Shower Soap Noodles

These bath bombs disguised as noodles pair perfectly with takeout for a relaxing night in. 


For Your Mom

Animal Watering Can

This cute animal watering can is great for the friend who cares for more plants than you can count. Choose between swan and snail designs.


Punny Option (If That’s Their Thing)

Funny Dish Towel



Both foodies and pun lovers will appreciate the relatable sentiment on this decorative dish towel. Because, let’s face it, some days we all feel like a taco.


A Gag Gift for a Baby? Sure!

Baby You’re the Whole Package Swaddle Set

Help a new mom (or dad) wrap up their bundle of joy into the perfect package with this cute swaddle set.


Paddywax Tree Shaped Candle

These super-retro Christmas tree candles are almost too pretty to light.


Mini Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

It’s only natural to chuckle when you see a red tube guy waving in the wind. This mini version will bring the laughs in any home office.


Funny Find for Your Work Bestie

Personalized Work From Home Mugs



Your office buddy will get a kick out of this all-too-honest mug that’s particularly poignant on Zoom calls.


Printable Christmas Card

Make your good tidings clear with this Christmas card you can print right at home.

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