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5 Modern Living Room Ideas For A Minimalist Home

If you’re ready to give your living room a makeover, but you can’t stand the sight of decor clutter and don’t want to feel boxed into your living space, then modern minimalism is the right decor choice for you.

Minimalism is also more of a way of life than merely a decor choice; you’ll find yourself needing to live with less and enjoying the impacts of a vibrant, spacious living area.

And when it comes to decorating with a minimalist approach, we’ve rounded up five savvy but simple ideas for you to consider.

Sectional Sofa Simplicity

Modern living rooms typically don’t boast poufy sofas that are ever inviting for afternoon naps. More often than not, you’ll find sectional sofas with more of a square or rectangle shape. These sofas help ensure a clean and simplistic appeal to the room. Sectional sofas are excellent fast furniture choices due to the simplicity of the design.

But you don’t need to stop at sectional sofas; consider a glass coffee table and large contemporary canvas art to tie the room together with minimal items that make a major impact. Moreover, if you do want to add an area rug for a bit of comfort, consider a plain shag rug or a two-tone contemporary run.

Minimalist Furnishing Paired With An Accent Wall

Following the same principle of simplistic sectional sofas, you could add some vibrance to your minimalist living room with an accent wall.

An accent wall can be created with textured wallpaper that sticks to a monotone color scheme. Moreover, a vibrant pot plant in the corner is another singular decor item suitable for minimalist living room designs.

Focus On The Flooring

Minimal living spaces typically boast bright, large tiling; carpeting simply won’t do, and area rugs should be kept simple as well. Consider black or white large tiles throughout the living room.

A Singular Shelf That Showcases The Least

It’s easy to create decor clutter in any area of the home. And if you’re looking to add just a bit of depth to your minimalist living room, consider installing floating shelves that showcase the least amount of decor items possible.

A simple picture frame, a small pot planter, and a single ornament separately placed are more than enough to make the space feel more like home without creating decor clutter.

Avoid Too Many Scatter Cushions And Throws

Ideally, a minimalist living room should have only one neatly folded-up throw blanket and no more than two monotones large scatter cushions that boast texture rather than patterns.

When decorating a minimalist living room area, the point is to keep things as simple as possible. Avoid adding too much color and rather choose neutral or natural tones.

You’ll find your living room easier to keep clean without all the clutter, and you may even end up taking this design and lifestyle choice throughout your home once you feel the positive change minimalism has on the mind and soul; living with less is a lifestyle that often complements sustainability and eco-friendly living.


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