5 Things to Do Around Pagosa Springs

5 Things to Do Around Pagosa Springs

With the coronavirus pandemic making social distancing a must, you may have not been able to go on vacation last summer. While things look as though they are going to slowly open up in 2021, there are still concerns about safety when it comes to certain vacation destinations. Fortunately, combining private vacation rentals in Pagosa Springs CO with the outdoors activities this beautiful state has to offer will give you a way to get away from your everyday life while still staying safe and healthy. Here are 5 things to do in and around Pagosa Springs without breaking social distancing.

1: Backpacking and Hiking

Pagosa Springs is located near both San Juan National Forest and the Continental Divide Trail. These two beautiful natural treasures will provide hours of backpacking and hiking from anyone from beginners to experts. San Juan National Forest contains multiple lakes, streams, and rivers to explore and even camp near, along with miles of trails. The Continental Divide Trail is perfect for those looking for a bit more of a challenge and will allow you to view the 100-foot high Treasure Falls. All the trails and roads are well-maintained, and the volume of them will ensure that you can easily maintain social distancing. Pack your backpack and explore the great outdoors.

2: Hot Air Ballooning

Another great activity that will give you an aerial view of the whole area is going on a hot air balloon ride near Pagosa Springs. Going on a hot air balloon ride will allow you to view the beautiful San Juan Mountains and other natural sights that Colorado is known for. Hot air balloon companies range from relatively inexpensive to premier experiences, and various companies can offer you couples’ rides, rides focusing on the history of hot air ballooning, and rides that will essentially give you a private aerial restaurant. Shop around to find the experience you want and don’t be afraid to take a chance on a more novel experience.

3: Hot Springs

Like many places in Colorado, Pagosa Springs is home to multiple hot springs. Hot springs offer a natural source of relaxation and mineral water. They can be available both at private resorts and at the various spas in the area. No matter what option you choose, you’ll love the relaxation and health benefits of natural hot springs. You will also be given a wonderful view of Colorado’s natural beauty, with various spas and hot springs offering breathtaking looks at the rivers and mountains near Pagosa Springs.

4: Explore Native History

Located near Pagosa Springs is both the Chimney Rock National Monument and Mesa Verde National Park, which are both locations that preserve Native American history that is both interesting and important to learn. There are various guided and self-guided tours available, and all of them have introduced social distancing considerations that will allow you to take them safely. Whether you want to learn about the celestial calendar of the ancient Puebloans or explore the incredible cliff dwellings at Mesa Verde, you’re sure to find a wonderful piece of the past to explore.

5: Spend Time on the Water

Since the San Juan River cuts right through downtown Pagosa Springs, it’s incredibly simple to access a wonderful way to spend some time on the water. Kayak, canoe, tubing, and rafting rentals are easily available, along with larger boats and platoons. There are also shuttle services that will allow you to easily get back to your car after finishing your water adventure. Some services cater to families, while others offer more adventurous whitewater rafting experiences. As with many things around Pagosa Springs, the possibilities for socially distanced vacation fun are endless.

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