5 unique features of the Nothing phone (1)

(Pocket-lint) – Carl Pei has been saying that tech is boring and that Nothing’s mission is to make tech exciting again. With the launch of the Nothing phone (1), the biggest piece of Nothing’s plan falls into place.

But how much of this phone is unique? Isn’t this just the same as every other mid-range Android smartphone?

Here are some unique features that make it stand apart.


1. It has a transparent back

The back of the phone is Gorilla Glass 5 (as is the front) and it’s transparent. That means you can see through the back at some of the workings of the phone. Nothing had to consider the overall design to make sure there was something to see – and there are textures and elements visible under the glass that you’ll never see on another phone.

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2. The Glyph interface

Ok, so the transparent back helps the Glyph Interface – the rear illumination system – but it could have been done without transparency. The Glyph Interface uses illuminated LED strips to alert you to various things – like notifications, charging, or Google Assistant – but can also work as a fill light for the camera. We’ve seen rear displays on gaming phones before, but nothing like this – it certainly makes the phone stand out.

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3. The packaging

Yeah, you don’t buy the phone for the packaging, but if you want to get noticed, design what your phone comes in. With neat tear strips on the slim packaging, there’s a premium feel to the unboxing experience that belies the affordable price of this phone.

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4. A Quick Setting that actually makes sense

If you’ve used Android for any length of time, you’ll know that Quick Settings are awesome. Except when you’re left opening more menus to switch off Wi-Fi, because Google decided to move the Quick Setting. Nothing UI offers a swipeable toggle for mobile data, Wi-Fi and hotspot. So simple, but so useful.

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5. Buying one might be a pain

Usually when you want a new phone, you just go out and buy it. Nothing wants you to jump through hoops. Firstly, if you’re in the US or Canada, it won’t be on sale to you. Why? Because it costs a massive amount to launch devices in the US. But that’s just the start of it. There will be an invite system for pre-orders, so you’ll have to join a waitlist. But it will be hitting open sales on 21 July 2022 (in the UK) and with a number of retailers, it should then be easier to get one.

Writing by Chris Hall.

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