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50 Best Cheap Christmas Gifts 2021

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Somehow, your Christmas shopping list gets longer each and every year. And while, in a perfect world, you’d just head to the store (or, ya know, Amazon) and buy whatever’s on their wishlist, it can be incredibly expensive to do so. That’s exactly why we’ve rounded up this list of cheap Christmas gifts that are creative, thoughtful and yes, still within your budget.

These gift ideas are perfect for anyone and everyone on your list, whether you’re shopping for your mom, dad, husband, wife, kids, coworkers, close friends or any family members. Everything — best-selling Amazon Christmas gifts, unique Etsy finds and more —comes in under $30 (several less than $10!), but we made sure that they look way more luxe than their price tag (a pair of diamond huggie hoops for $25, let’s say).

But just because you’re taking the cheaper route, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on sentiment — some of these gift ideas can be personalized with their name, monogram or a thoughtful message. The choice is yours: Wrap ’em up as their main gift, use them as a stocking stuffer or pair any of these finds with another small gift (browse these gifts under $5).

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Under $15

Monthly Sock Subscription

Sock Fancy


Fancy feet activated: Give the stylish man or woman in your life a year’s supply of crew or no-show socks. Month by month, they’ll build up their funky sock collection until it’s loaded with a mix of bold patterns and colors. 

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Under $25

Playfoam Build-a-Snowman

Educational Insights


When the weather outside is frightful, they can squish and shape the Playfoam until it resembles Frosty and his friends. Give ’em all three snowman or divide the trio between a few kids, ages 3 and up.

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Under $15

Ceramic Moon Jewelry Dish Set


Under $20

Small Leather Crossbody



It may look small, but this crossbody bag is big enough to hold her phone, keys, lipgloss, cash, coins and cards. Select shades even come with a clear window, so she can see notifications and respond to message without taking her phone out of the bag.  


Tea Subscription Box

If they prefer tea over coffee, then set them up with a monthly subscription, so they can sample four different varieties each and every month. Each box comes with a mix of bagged and loose leaf teas — and they can always use the reusable tea filters if they don’t have one of their own. 


Under $20

12″ Screen Magnifier

No tech neck, no problem: Give his eyes a break with this handy magnifier, which doubles the size of any photos, videos or text on his smartphone screen. He can fold it in half when it’s not in use, making it small enough to stash in his backpack or briefcase. 

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Under $25

Diamond Huggie Hoops

These huggie earrings have just the right amount of sparkle, making them subtle enough for everyday wear. Take a close look at her most-worn pieces to see if she’s more a gold, rose gold or sterling silver girl. 


Under $10

A Year of Zen: A 52-Week Guided Journal

Practice makes perfect — and this guided journal is full of practical tools to help them live a more mindful life, one week at a time. Each week, they’re given prompts to lead to self-reflection about themselves, the people around them and the world at large. 


Claw Clips

Claw clips are back and chicer than ever. Each clip in this set ha a non-slip grip, so it can hold thick, long hair without slipping. You can go with a mixed pack (shown here) or a full-on neutral set in khaki or black.

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Under $15

Herb Scissors

No one knows they need one … until they do. Instead of pulling leaves apart by hand or mincing herbs with a kitchen knife, break out these scissors and snip away. A bonus: Amazon reviewers claim they work just as well for slicing spinach, leafy greens, onions and tomatoes.


Under $20

Portable Bluetooth Speaker

As small as this speaker may be (6.2 oz.), it packs a big punch. When it’s fully charged, it can play music, audiobooks or podcasts from your personal library or any streaming service for up to eight hours straight. 


Hand Repair Kit

The harsh winter weather has nothin’ on Burt’s Bees. This ready-to-gift set comes with everything they need to keep their hands soft and smooth, including two different types of hand cream, cuticle cream and cotton gloves to lock in the moisture. 


Under $10

I Love You Mom Book

Here’s one way to warm your mom’s heart. Take extra time to fill in this book with all the reasons why you’re glad that she’s yours, complete with inside jokes, cherished memories and more. 

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Under $10

Personalized Leather Cord Organizer

Help them keep tabs of their chargers and headphones with these brown, tan, gray or black organizers, personalized with up to five characters. Pick up a few in different colors, so they can designate one for their iPhone charger, work headphones or any other electronics they may have. 


Under $20

Murder Mystery Jigsaw Puzzle

Piece by piece, they’ll uncover the truth behind one of two murder cases. The final result: A completed 500-piece jigsaw puzzle and a cracked case. 


Under $25

2022 Live Life Beautifully Planner

Help her put her best foot forward in the year to come. Along with standard planning pages, this planner is packed with delicious recipes, cleaning tips and decor advice from the experts at Good Housekeeping.


Under $25

Kids Cooking Subscription Box

They’re always hanging around the kitchen and now, they can give you a helping hand. Each Raddish box, perfect for ages 4 – 14, comes with three illustrated recipes and the necessary gadgets (a ravioli mold, for example) that are safe enough for little hands. 


Under $15

Bubble Cube Candle

Stay true to their home’s modern aesthetic by gifting these ultra-chic bubble candles. Mix and match five different colors and scents until you find one that suits them. Our pick: a dusty rose candle with a musky amber scent. 

Terrazzo is having a moment, but they don’t have to fully lean into the trend to appreciate. Instead, they can set out these six ceramic coasters — three cool-toned, three warm-toned — to give their space mid-century flair. 


Mini Everyday Hair Gloss Oil



No matter her hair type — straight, wavy, curly or coily — she’ll find a million uses for this everyday oil, from repairing damaged ends to adding overall shine. 


Cocktail Infused Ice Cubes



Stick these cubes in the freezer, then drop one in a cocktail shaker with the corresponding liquor (gin for negronis, for example) when the clock strikes 5. See? Being a mixologist isn’t so hard.


Boss Lady Notepad

Once her morning coffee kicks in, she can get down to business. First up: She’ll outline her day by filling in the top sheet of this tear-off notepad. 


Under $20

Urban Map Glass

Uncommon Goods


This cup does more than hold their favorite drink. Each glass is etched with the map of of one of 32 major cities, so you can find one that’s closest to their heart. 


Under $15

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Uncommon Goods


This bucket list-inspired poster will encourage them to make the most out of their Netflix and Disney+ subscriptions by watching 100 of Hollywood’s finest movies, ranging from classic hits from their childhood (The Wizard of Oz) to LOL-worthy flicks (Mean Girls).


Under $10

101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes



Who doesn’t love a good dad joke? All of the best ones are packed into this LOL-worthy book, which is definitely dad-approved.


Under $30

Terrarium Candle

Uncommon Goods


This two-in-one candle radiates warmth, but still fills her space with nature’s beauty (even though it’s artificial). Choose between a vanilla-scented cactus or jasmine-scented poppy flower.  


Under $20

Upcycled Record Coasters

Uncommon Goods


Talk about resourceful: One designer cuts labels from the center of vinyl records and seals them into coasters. This six-pack will add musical flair to any space, while protecting their furniture from water rings and spills. 


Under $30

Sushi Making Kit



If you and your partner have been trying out new things in the kitchen, gift him or her this sushi making kit. With nearly 3,600 positive reviews on Amazon, it’s the best way to get them started as an amateur sushi chef. 


Under $10

Portable Reusable Drinking Straw

This pocket-sized straw expands to normal drinking size, so they can stay plastic-free while sipping on smoothies, iced coffee, or any other beverages. Once it’s clean and dry, stick it back inside it’s protective case, which comes in four bold shades.


Under $10

Pug Succulent Planter

Does your pal love pugs as much as well, everyone? If so, fill this adorable planter with a real or faux succulent for an easy gift. 


Under $25

Dumpling Light



Whether your friend loves dumplings or anything that’s downright adorable, this little light will brighten up any room (in more ways than one). 


Under $10

Blank Comic Book: Draw Your Own!

Lux Reads


Perfect for young and old, this 100-page book offers a blank canvas to draw their own supernatural or superhero stories, inspired by the movies they love so much. Round out the gift with a pack of markers, crayons or colored pencils. 


Under $20

Mini Heart-Shaped Waffle Maker

Breakfast will be even more delicious, thanks to this nifty waffle maker that creates a heart-shaped meal in no time. This is ideal for your partner (and will encourage him or her to whip something up for you!). 


Under $20

Star Wars Patent Poster Prints



Even though they may have ditched the classics for The Mandalorian, their love for old-school Star Wars characters still holds up. This set of four posters highlights the starships, snowspeeders and the movie’s MVP, AT-AT Walker. 

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Under $15

Personalized Birthstone Necklace



As a symbol of her growing family, gift her this family tree-inspired necklace, complete with up to five birthstones and corresponding initials — one per kid or grandkid. 


Under $20

New Phone, Who Dis?



Like their real text conversations, but better. Each card prompts players to come up with the funniest text responses — all of which should only be heard by those ages 17 and up.  


Under $30

Cooling Pint Glasses

Your friend will never sip warm beer again thanks to these freezable pint glasses. Just tell them to stick this pair in the freezer a few hours before they pop open a cold one for optimal temps. 


Under $10

Cell Phone Stand

Not only does this sleek stand keep their texts, videos, and other apps in clear view, but it frees up valuable desk space. No tangled cords and wires here. 


Under $5

AirPods Protective Case



Make their latest tech investment well worth it by gifting them this silicone case that provides protection and peace of mind. Maybe, just maybe, if they stick their AirPods in this colorful case and attach it to zippers or key rings with its metal carabiner, they won’t lose ’em.


Under $15

Pizza Socks Box

Rainbow Socks


Let’s be real … y0u can never have too many pairs of socks. And who doesn’t love pizza? This sock set combines two passions to create this oh-so-adorable (and cheap) Christmas gift. 


Under $20

Geode State Ornament

Uncommon Goods


Whether they’re spending Christmas away from family or always looking for ways to show off their state pride, these gorgeous stoneware ornaments will always remind them of home. 


Under $15

BFF Bracelet



When she wears this engraved silver bangle, she’ll be reminded of just how much you love her. It’s even adjustable, so you don’t have to worry about discreetly figuring out her wrist size.  


Under $10

Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws



The handiest person in your life needs to get their hands, er, wrist, on one of these. It’s magnetic, so all of their tools will stay together while they build and repair. 


Under $15

Organic Mini Mushroom Grow Kit

Back to the Roots


Green thumb or not, they can grow a bounty of bite-size mushrooms in 10 days or less. The box comes packed with soil and spores, so they just have to keep it alive with a two water spritzes daily — that’s it! 


Under $30

Kids Against Maturity

Kids Against Maturity


You’ve heard of Cards Against Humanity, but now there’s Kids Against Maturity. It’s a gift for the whole family that features age-appropriate jokes and funny innuendos that even parents will giggle at.


Under $30

Silk Pillowcase



Since staycations are on the rise this year, make her bed feel as luxe as a hotel’s with this silky, smooth pillowcase. Over time, it’ll stop her hair from frizzing and crimping, and even prevent wrinkly skin. 


Under $15

Winter Skin Facial Mask



Give the gift of self-care with these stocking stuffers that detox, hydrate and brighten the skin. 


Under $10

Personalized Coffee Cup



Need a creative gift for your coffee lover? Look no further than this reusable coffee cup, personalized with his or her name in the color of your choice.


Under $10

Personalized Leather Keychain



Stamp up to 10 characters — their name, nickname or initials — on this leather keychain. Now they won’t mix up their keys with yours or anyone else’s!



She’ll see herself in this mug, and maybe even find the inspiration she needs to finally nail crow pose. Stick to the 11 oz. option for a standard mug size, or go for the 15 oz. mug if she’s a big coffee or tea drinker. 

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