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6 Evergreen Gujarati Dishes You Must Try For A Wholesome Meal Experience (Recipes Inside)


  • Gujarati cuisine is extensive and flavourful.
  • Gujarati cuisine is primarily vegetarian and includes unique recipes.
  • We handpicked some amazing dishes for you to try.

If we are asked to name some Gujarati foods, the very obvious answers will be dhokla, fafda, undhiyo and jalebi. We can’t deny that dhokla defines Gujarati cuisine for many; but trust us, it has much more to offer. One of the richest food cultures in India, Gujarati cuisine is versatile to the core. Despite having an extensive coastline offering various seafood, Gujarat and its people are primarily vegetarian. Food here consists of vegetables, pulses, spices and different local sweets. If you try a Gujarati thali, you will find every dish offering a pleasing combination of sweet, salty and spicy flavours to your palate. In fact, in terms of colour, taste, texture and cooking style, Gujarati cuisine is one of a kind. We suggest, you must go beyond the popular dhokla and fafda and try the cuisine extensively for a unique experience.

And here, we just made things easy and feasible for you. We handpicked some classic Gujarati dishes (along with recipes) that can make for a delicious lunch in less than an hour. Let’s check them out!

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Dal dhokli: You must try this delicious one-pot dish

Here’re 6 Delicious Gujarati Recipes For You:

Gujarati Kadhi

A staple in every Gujarati household, curry is a soulful mix of yogurt, besan, curry leaves and some spices. What makes Gujarati kadhi stand out in the lot is jaggery. Adding gur to this kadhi adds some sweetness to this tangy-salty dish. Pair it with rice or roti, and relish. Click here for recipe.

Dal Dhokli

Dal dhokli is one classic dish in Gujarat. Made with tuvar dal, this one-pot dish includes dhokli (wheat cake), making it a wholesome meal by itself. However, some people like pairing this dish with rice. Click here for recipe.


If you think the popularity of rasam restricts to the people of South India, then we are afraid you might be wrong. Here’s a Gujarati-style rasam recipe that includes tur dal, kokum, curry leaves, mustard seeds and more. It’s called osaman. You can relish osaman as is or pair with some steamed rice for a delicious experience. Click here for recipe.

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Osaman can also be referred to as Gujarati rasam

Khatti Meethi Dal

A Gujarati thali is incomplete without a bowl of khatti-meethi dal. A flavourful dal made with pulses, potatoes and peanuts, this classic Gujarati dish is just irresistible. We have a simple recipe for you to try. Click here.

Vagharela Chawal

Leftover rice is a common affair in every home. Most of us prepare yummy fried rice with that extra rice. But the same old recipe can be boring at times. We found a Gujarati-style masala rice recipe that can be a perfect dish for a quick lunch. It’s called vagharela chawal. Click here for recipe.

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Bardoli Ki Khichdi

Here we also bring you the recipe of Bardoli ki khichdi. This recipe has its roots in the Bardoli town of Gujarat. This one-pot comfort food includes raw mango that gives the regular khichdi recipe a tangy twist. Click here for recipe.

Try these dishes for a wholesome lunch; and do not forget to write back to us if you like them.

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