6 tips for better customer communication

Good communication with your customers is important, but it can be a challenge for growing businesses. As more customers join your infrastructure, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Failure to respond to messages in a timely fashion can drive people away and give your business a poor reputation.

#1 Expand the customer services department

First and foremost, better communication might simply be a matter of hiring additional staff in the right area. Customer services are usually the first area to come under strain when you expand, so hiring here makes a big difference. Don’t wait until the department is buckling to take action. Adopt a preemptive mindset as customer numbers increase.

#2 Automate emails

Email communication takes many forms and is often used to generate leads. Sending out newsletters, reminding customers about billing, and encouraging repeat purchases all take time. Automation is the answer. Software can generate and send emails in bulk, targeting groups or even individual customers using AI. Email software is the first step towards a more automated and streamlined customer experience.

#3 Bring in a chatbot

Chatbots are another excellent example of time-saving automation. They function much like a normal online chat, except answers and responses are generated by AI. Most people are surprised by how much a chatbot can accomplish. Customers type simple questions, and the bot resolves them. This saves an enormous amount of time, and if the problem is too complex for the AI, it will point customers in the direction of further help.

#4 Build a web application

Web applications are the foundation of a growing business. These applications exist solely on the cloud, taking up no physical hard drive space. They come in all shapes and sizes, but many companies use live messaging applications to simplify customer communication. These help to foster deeper customer relationships and encourage loyalty. Development is rarely done in-house, and most businesses turn to a web app development agency to do the hard work for them. They will tailor-make bespoke apps designed for your business from the top down.

#5 Expand social media

Social media provides a real-time link between customers and the company. Twitter is one of the most popular ways for customers to communicate with a business, but Facebook and Instagram shouldn’t be neglected either. Expanding across multiple platforms is advisable, and it’s important to dedicate a portion of the workforce to monitoring and replying to messages. Nothing deters customers more than seeing a barren social media landscape with countless unanswered queries.

#6 Fix problems fast

Last but not least, resolve any issues quickly. Problems can arise in all departments, from billing to delivery and returns, but the speed of resolution plays a huge part in customer satisfaction. Being easily accessible and open to queries is only half the battle. The moment you discover a problem, you should work fast to resolve it. A negative customer experience can quickly change to a positive one if the customer in question felt listened to and cared for.


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