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6 Tips to Get Back in Shape After Having A Baby

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Truthfully, pregnancy is the most drastic change your body goes through. Some women gain 25-40 pounds in a few months, whereas others suffer from health problems. After all, the body produces hormones that make tendons, joints, muscles, and ligaments more flexible. Likewise, blood vessels also expand, increasing the blood that pumps through them. And besides this, there is a baby in your stomach, adding more weight to your body.

The transition from being pregnant to parent happens overnight, but it takes months for the body to recover from childbirth. Typically, 10-13 pounds come off immediately after birth since that’s the baby’s weight. Similarly, you lose another 5-15 pounds over the first six weeks, but it can take months or a year to lose the rest. Once you are ready to lose the extra pounds, have a look below. Also, here are five tips to get back in shape after having a baby.

  1. Take it Slow

You might see celebrity moms snapping back from pregnancy with model-like shapes in no time, but that’s not practical. We don’t have a lifestyle that will allow for a super quick weight loss. Hence, give your body time to recover before jumping on the treadmill. Ideally, you can start exercising within a few weeks if you have a normal delivery. If you or the baby suffered from any birth injuries, take time to heel.

Most importantly, file a lawsuit and seek compensation for the birth injuries. If your baby is suffering from muscle weakness in the arms or shoulders, look for Erb’s Palsy Settlements by hiring a reputable lawyer. Similarly, hold the doctor accountable if you sustained any injuries during childbirth.

  1. Start with Basic Crunches

Some women gain a lot of weight on their bellies. You have to begin your exercise regime with basic crunches in such circumstances. First, watch for separations in your abdominals. You can place your fingers above the belly button while you crunch. If you can easily fit three fingers, you have diastasis recti and abdominal separation, so you must draw the abs back together before starting any exerting stomach workout.

You can begin the crunches by placing your hands on either side of the separation and drawing them together simultaneously. It will retrain your abs, bringing them back to their natural alignment. However, immediately consult your doctor to determine the problem if the separation gets worse.

  1. Breastfeed

Breastfeeding is a natural way of giving your baby the nutrients you consume. It allows mothers to burn approximately an extra 800 calories per day. Similarly, it will help shrink the uterus back down to the pre-pregnancy size. Thus, this can go a long way in dropping some extra weight.

However, your body will need some extra calories when you are breastfeeding. So you have to get those calories from nutrient-rich meals, avoiding empty-calorie foods like chips and soda. It will improve your health and overall well-being while keeping the baby healthy.

  1. Establish an Eating Philosophy

During pregnancy, women eat anything and everything, thinking they can get away with it. Unfortunately, this routine can’t last once the baby is born. Now, you have to establish decorum and some rules for your diet. It will improve your metabolism and help you with cravings. Firstly, you have to incorporate protein sources to strengthen the muscles and control hunger. Likewise, add extra fiber to your meals to fill those extra calories.

Second, focus on small but more balanced meals throughout the day. You can also include healthy fats in your diet, such as nuts and avocados. Lastly, have a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables to enrich your body with minerals. Remember, breakfast is the important meal of the day. Hence, no matter how tired or sleep-deprived you are, don’t skip breakfast.

  1. Speed Up your Cardio

Once you get into exercising, consider speeding up your cardio. It will increase your metabolism and burn baby fat. For example, you can perform squats with shoulder raises and lunges with triceps extensions. If you are thinking about how, here are the directions.

  • Lift your arms to shoulder height with palms facing downwards. After this, gently bend the rams back to the side of the body.
  • You have to bend your elbows with your palms facing the body and extend the elbows behind the body. It will help in burning a few extra calories.
  • You have to put one leg ahead for lunges and lean towards it while keeping the other leg straight. Keep your hands on the back to avoid putting weight on one leg.

These few exercises will challenge your body’s musculature while helping you lose weight. Moreover, you can also add a few hill intervals to shed weight from quads and hamstrings.

  1. Fix Your Sleeping Routine

Every new mom has a messed-up sleeping routine. The baby wakes up at odd hours; you have to change nappies, give milk, etc. These activities disturb your sleeping patterns while making you sleep-deprived. And according to scientists, sleep deprivation is linked to elevated cortisol levels, weight gain, and water preservation. Therefore, make sure you are getting enough sleep.

It is arduous to sleep after having a baby, but you have to prioritize sleep. Perhaps, distribute responsibilities with your partner, or you can also take turns.

Final Thoughts

After pregnancy, getting back in shape can take a while; hence, avoid rushing things. You have to take one step at a time and be consistent. Likewise, look after yourself and cut back on the extra calories. Once you feel physically active, start some exercise with a morning jog. Gradually, you can begin cardio and strength training to bring your body in shape.


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