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6 Ways to Relax Your Mind at Night

Relaxing your mind at night requires that you consider which self-care practices are best for you. Not every technique is effective for every person, so paying attention to the qualities in each exercise that help your mind relax is most important. To help you sort out which options are most effective for your sleep needs, here are six ways to relax your mind at night.

1. Guided Sleep Meditations

To get the most out of guided activities, make sure that your sleeping environment is as comfortable and as quiet as possible. Investing in a pair of noise-canceling headphones might be ideal if you have a partner who snores or if you live in an area with hectic traffic at night.

To help unwind your mind with self-care practices, you might consider listening to guided meditations or a podcast network. There are many free tools available like sleep apps and online programs you can use to help quiet your mind.

2. Turn Off Your Phone

A typical sleep disturbance issue among many people is incoming notifications and other phone activity during the late hours of the evening. To prevent the many distractions that come with cell phones, try turning off your phone before bed.

You may also be less likely to ruminate with your phone off, as you’ll be less preoccupied with work-related thoughts or even curiosity as to who may be messaging you.

3. Self-Soothing Care Practices

Another way to relax your mind at night is to use self-soothing techniques that work to destress the body and the mind. Putting on some essential oils such as lavender or peppermint will help your body relax, making it easier to wind down the mind as a result. You can also purchase an oil diffuser so that these scents fill your room all night long.

4. Herbal Sleep Tea

Winding down the mind might be as simple as a cup of herbal tea with properties known for relaxation. Chamomile tea is a crowd favorite for its sweet taste and ability to calm the mind and enhance feelings of sleepiness.

Chamomile tea can also be paired with sleep supplements like melatonin to get yourself in a place of calm. All of these tools can help quiet the mind and get yourself ready for sleep without much effort.

5. Worry Release Journaling

Some people can calm their minds by keeping a journal about all of the stress and worry they may be facing throughout the day. The act of writing can sometimes make things clearer, and even if it doesn’t, you still get the feeling of relief. You are physically putting the worries in your mind on paper so that you can symbolically get rid of your stress for the moment.

6. A Body Scan

The body scan, a muscle and mind relaxation technique, is used in many different meditation practices. The goal of the scan is to relax the mind and body into a state of deep comfort.

To do a body scan, mentally note the parts of your body from head to toe and gently ask each to relax. Focus on the weight of the body grounded to the earth and set the intention to induce feelings of relaxation to calm your mind.

The Bottom Line

Finding ways to relax your mind at night requires considering the techniques and practices that are most effective for you. Don’t try to practice activities that others partake in if they don’t feel right to you. Consider the suggestions in this article to help your mind relax and fall into a deep sleep.


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