7 Tips And Ideas To Make Your Small Businesses Go Viral On TikTok

Gone are the days when TikTok is only for entertainers and bigger brand promotions. With more than 689 million users worldwide, TikTok is becoming the most prominent social media platform for building a strong brand presence among audiences. TikTok, with its unique and creative short video feature, is paving the way to connect with the audience. If you want to amplify your exposure online start to buy TikTok followers to increase your reach instantly. So, you can increase your views count and build your brand presence.

Not only do prominent brands need to understand TikTok, but if small businesses understand the TikTok algorithm, they may sure-getting the video on the ‘for you page’ on TikTok. Even with a single TikTok video, you may gain hundreds of loyal customers to your business. As TikTok business accounts are available free of cost, utilize the opportunity! Even if you start your business minimally, try to allot some time to post your TikTok videos. You might take it easy! But even the most minor things may reap fruitful results in the future.

In this article, let us look at some interesting ideas on how to invigorate your small business among the audience. Let’s get started!

What Does ‘viral’ Mean In TikTok?

The term ‘viral’ depends on the criteria based on the number of likes, shares, and comments that a user receives for video posts. In addition, TikTok judges the average watch time and video completion rate to keep your video on the ‘for you page.’ Once you feature on the ‘for you page,’ no one can stop you from becoming viral on TikTok. TikTok is nothing without likes count and views count, and you can’t even analyze your position without these criteria. You can try using Trollishly to boost your TikTok followers and likes on the platform quickly.

Ideas To Promote Your Small Business On TikTok

  1. Behind The Scenes

Most of the companies on TikTok show the backend work of their business. They portray the real side of the business and look at how they work with orders. It reveals the curiosity among the audience about what you are doing all these days in business. Behind-the-scenes videos depict that your business is transparent and show that your products are in great demand.

  1. Packaging Orders

You can film a video on how you pack an order given to your business. It shows the lighter side of your business with engaging content. You may take TikTok as a chance to showcase that your products are satisfied with excellent packaging. In addition, when you add on things like freebies, thanking notes, or customized packaging on your videos, people may love to purchase products from your small business. Ensure in your packaging order videos never disclose the personal communication information of your customers.

  1. Demonstration Of Products

It is not necessary to only post-professional videos on your business TikTok account. People may find it more monotonous. Instead, give different content to your audience. The idea is to demonstrate your products to understand their benefits. For example, if your small business is on homecare beauty products, then have a video of an effect applied to your skin and show the results. It will help you gain more customers and supporters for your business.

  1. Best Selling Products

Another idea is to create a short and fun TikTok video of your best-selling products. For example, you can film a transformation video starting from the base work, like how you collected all the raw materials, progress with your orders, and end with the finished product. The before and after of a product may help build interest in your products among customers.

  1. Business Tips

The audience would love to hear your advice or tips based on your small business. You don’t want to reveal all the points but tell your viewers authentic and more valuable information. For example, if you own craft business, do a small five-minute craft of a product. It will convey to people what your business is centered around, and it may educate your audience.

  1. New Product Launch

Being a small business, wherever you get an opportunity, you need to promote your business. Make new product launch videos that elevate the curiosity and build hype for your products before the launch. Social media is the best way to launch your product in this pandemic. So please take advantage of TikTok and its features to launch your brand-new product.

  1. Interact With Customers

If you start up a small business, try to get feedback from various sources. Feedback will help you improvise and act as a stepping stone for your business. Interacting with customers will give you an overview of their likes and dislikes about your products. To get your small brands viral, you can encourage people by offering discount codes, vouchers, or coupons. Use live streams on TikTok to interact with customers or get reviews for your products.


For small businesses, make sure there is continuity in each of your videos. Hop on a trend to get into the ‘for you page.’ As a beginner, you may find it clueless where to start and how to go viral with TikTok. I hope this article widens your knowledge of the strategies on TikTok for small businesses. Try to implement the above-given ideas in your videos and obtain better results.


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