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70 Best Valentine’s Day Recipes

Candy has stolen the spotlight on Valentine’s Day ever since Richard Cadbury, Cadbury founder John Cadbury’s son, started selling chocolates in a heart-shaped box to mark the occasion in 1861. And while February 14th admittedly gives us some of the year’s sweetest treats (hello, Valentine’s Day treats!) there is actually a whole day’s worth of fabulous meals that you could be having. From heart-shaped foods for brunch to romantic dinner ideas for two (complete with seasonally appropriate Valentine’s Day cocktails), this is a great opportunity to turn V-day not only into a holiday for loving couples, but also for major food lovers.

So, for a couple that loves to eat almost as much as they love each other, we compiled the all-around best Valentine’s Day recipes. From rich, savory and indulgent Valentine’s Day dinner menus best enjoyed by candlelight to some sweet-tooth satisfying Valentine’s Day treats (we’re looking at you, red wine lollipops!), you can create the perfect meal for you and your partner using just about any of these ideas. Plus, we included plenty of vegetarian recipes for the animal lovers out there. Kick off the morning with a hearty shakshuka (or better yet— homemade donuts) that’ll instantly give you that warm, fuzzy feeling, then try your hand at a fancy Beef Wellington or prime rib later in the day. End the night with cookies, cupcakes, or all things chocolate, and you’ll definitely go to sleep with a smile on your face.

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