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A Follow Up to Fenty Heat Gloss, Pie and Half, and All the Errands

Hot Cherry Gloss by Fenty!

In the last post’s comments, Tatiana (hey, Tatiana!) had some questions about the sheer red gloss Connor and I were wearing the other day:

Does the Fenty gloss have a scent or taste? Is it super sticky or just moderately so? I keep looking at them, but haven’t bought one yet.

OK, great questions about this beautiful red gloss!

Fenty Heat Gloss in Hot Cherry smells and tastes like fruit punch. It’s very subtle, though. Because it’s not obnoxiously sweet or fake or plastic-y, it doesn’t turn my stomach, which is KEY when it comes to gloss for me!

On my lips, it’s pretty comfy. I’d describe it as moderately sticky — less sticky than a MAC Lipglass and more than a MAC Plushglass.

FYI, Hot Cherry is one of five shades in the Heat Gloss collection, which is Fenty’s line of lip plumpers. Since it’s a plumping gloss, it tingles a little bit at first.

I don’t really see a big difference in my lips after I apply it, but I typically don’t have high expectations when it comes to lip plumpers. *shrugs* I mostly wanted it because I love the particular shade of red and how sheer and shiny it is!

If lip plumpers aren’t your thing, there’s another line of Fenty glosses called the Gloss Bombs, which are also very pretty. They smell and taste a little bit like vanilla and have a similar texture to the Heat Glosses. I wore and loved the OG shade Fenty Glow when it first came out.

On a non-gloss note, I was chatting with a mom friend today, and we joked about how moms and caregivers during this time of year are seemingly always doing one ridiculous errand after the other in the days before Christmas, LOL! Sigh.

My long list of errands today included buying a couple Cara Cara oranges (I’ve only seen them in one local grocery this year!) and a couple pies — well, technically one pie and a half!

One gluten-free apple pie and a half pecan pie, please!

Do the grocery stores in your neighborhood sell half pies? I swear they’re the best thing ever! If you have a smaller family like we do, you get just enough pie to feel satisfied but not so much that you start to get sick of it. Yay for half pies!

Oh, and before I continue on my quest to conquer all the errands, a friend of mine recently started a new Amazon store featuring smart fitness watches. If you’re in the market for one, you might want to check it out.

I’m off! Here’s to smooth sailing for all of us before Santa visits.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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