A rollable Samsung phone isn’t going to happen, analyst says

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung is already a big player in the world of foldable phones but it’s unlikely to get involved in rollable ones any time soon, analyst says.

The news means that anyone hoping to get their hands on a rollable phone from Samsung might be disappointed. Or just have to wait a very long time.

“The market for foldable phones overlaps with that for slidable phones”, Yi Choong-hoon, CEO and top analyst of Seoul-based display market tracker UBI Research is reported as saying. “It will be difficult for slidable phones to create its own market”.

As a result, Yi says that “Samsung seems uninterested in slidable phones” and that it will instead focus its resources on making even better foldable phones.


Yi also raises an interesting point. While foldable phones are immediately obvious to consumers – a foldable could open like a book or work like an old flip phone – the idea of a rollable device is alien to them. The suggestion is that a rollable phone could be overly complicated. Yi believes that’s the same reason that we won’t see slidable displays used in laptops, either.

That doesn’t mean that slidable phones won’t happen, though. Yi believes that some companies may choose to launch rollable phones of their own in an attempt to differentiate themselves from Samsung. 

Motorola already showed off a rollable phone concept, but it isn’t something that the company expects to sell to consumers. At least, not yet. Oppo is another company that showed off a concept of its own, dubbed the Oppo X.

Writing by Oliver Haslam.

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