A Samsung and Olympus collaboration could be on the cards

(Pocket-lint) – Samsung’s been trying to push the envelope when it comes to the cameras in its smartphones over the last few years – that much has been made clear by the addition of more lenses and enormous zoom capabilities to its flagships in recent years. 

Now, it would seem that another tactic might be getting its day in court – reports are circulating that Samsung has been in discussions with Olympus over the possibility of collaborating on smartphone camera tech. 

The discussions have been publicised by multiple leakers that have solid track record as far as Samsung devices go, and written up by TomsGuide. The drive to potentially collaborate makes sense on paper for Samsung.

While its cameras are consistently excellent performers, there’s an undeniable prestige to being able to attach a famed camera-maker’s name to them, just like OnePlus is doing with Hasselblad, and Huawei has managed with Leica.

On top of that publicity angle, there’s of course the actual expertise that Olympus could bring, presumably helping Samsung’s photography results to demonstrate even further colour accuracy and control. 

Whether these talks have progressed particularly far, of course, and whether they’ve been remotely fruitful, isn’t even slightly clear at this stage. If we’re only at the point of talks being staged, meanwhile, it’s also anyone’s guess at which point the hypothetical collaboration would actually find its way into some phones – whether this is a 2022 project might become clear if there’s ever an announcement around it. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.

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