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A Soft, Springy Plum Look With Bronze and Mocha (and Warm Nude Lips)

Feels like spring!

I got an idea! I decided I’m gonna do looks with this eyeshadow palette from Honest Beauty all week long, and this first one — a soft, springy plum look with bronze and mocha — is firmly in my comfort zone.

I’m intrigued by this palette… I like the combo of cool and warm plums and browns. Plus, most of the shades are in that mid-toned range, which means that if you have a tan (like yours truly), there’s no extra trickery involved in getting the colors to actually show up on your lids!

Also, don’t laugh, but I also love that there’s a matte beige and matte black in the palette.

Is it weird to be thrilled by that? I dunno. Maybe. Probably. 🙂 But let me tell you — having both of them is convenient, because you can use either of them as an eyeshadow base or a liner. Or, mix them with the other shadows in the palette to lighten or darken them up.

Shoot, you could even mix together to make gray (also super handy).

Having both a black and gray shade on hand is so useful! I’m a little concerned about the pans being so close together, but eh, you know… When you’ve been to this rodeo before, you can make it work.

honest beauty get it together eyeshadow palette
The Honest Beauty Get It Together Eyeshadow Palette, $19.99

honest beauty get it together eyeshadow palette

honest beauty get it together eyeshadow palette

Makeup Worn in this Look

I ran out of time to do swatches because I had to get Connor’s birthday present — a hot pink scooter. She turns five next week (!), which means that 1) spring is right around the corner, 2) I’ve been wearing ill-fitting pants for half a decade (I really need to just bite the bullet and buy clothes to replace my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, which hasn’t fit in a long time), and 3) pretty soon I’ll be living with a kindergartner.

Birthdays in our neck of the woods also mean birthday lasagna!

lasagna from connors 2nd birthday
You know somebody loves you when they give you pasta for your birthday…

I got the idea to make birthday lasagnas from a coworker years ago. Her mom would make her a lasagna every year on her birthday, and I thought that was just the coolest thing ever. I promised myself that if I ever had a kid I’d do the same, and here I am, showing love through carbs and copious quantities of cheese. 🙂

Last year I made Connor cupcakes from scratch, but this year I decided to make it easy on myself and bought a confetti cake mix and frosting from the store. I’ve used Pillsbury mixes for brownies and liked the results, so I’m hoping this one turns out well too.

pilsbury gluten free funfetti
Let’s. Do. This.

Even though parts of the country are literally freezing, spring is getting closer, and the Easter/spring decor stuff is rolling out again, all of which I luuuuurve.

Girlfriend, give me a springy lemon print, and I am in HEAVEN.

Throwback to when this girl one was a tiny little lemon!

I spent a good chunk of last night putting ALL OF THE THINGS into my cart at Williams Sonoma because they have the cutest set of springy, citrus-themed dishes.

(Side note: did I ever mention that I have a thing for nice plates and table settings?)

This collection is called Citron, and I love everything about it.

Love the colors, love the botanical print vibes of the lemon drawings, love the graphic patterns on the plates with the leaves and the lemon slices, love it all. Don’t love the price, obvs (SO EXPENSIVE). But le sigh… This makes my heart sing for spring!

daffodil spring 2021
The neighborhood’s first official daffodil

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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