Apple TV 4K 64GB Hits Lowest Price Yet, Which Is Great News for Gamers

Following discounts on the Apple TV HD, the top-of-the-line Apple TV 4K is at its lowest price yet during the Amazon Prime Early Access Sale for both the 32GB ($109) and the 64GB ($123) versions.

At $180 the Apple TV 4K 64GB is expensive, but for $123 it’s the one to get, especially as it’s much more powerful and flexible than the $99 Roku Ultra. If you have the choice between the Apple TV HD and 4K models, go for the latter — specifically if you own a TV made in the last few years. The 4K model offers better picture quality with Dolby Vision plus support for spatial audio standard Dolby Atmos. As a user of both streamers I’ve found the 4K to be the best all-round device for both gaming and streaming.

I was a Roku user for a long time, but it’s not really a great choice for gaming, even if you have a top-of-the-line Ultra. As a PC gamer I want to be able to use Steam Link to play on a big screen with my surround-sound system, and Roku doesn’t have that app (yet?). I was originally using an Nvidia Shield, but found the Bluetooth pairing process for Xbox controllers to be time-consuming and flaky. 

I switched to the Apple TV 4K last year and now use it as both my main streamer and to play games like Pummel Party with the family, or even a few rounds of Fall Guys. The box pairs easily with both Xbox and PlayStation controllers and will support up to four at a time. If you subscribe to Apple Arcade, games like SongPop Party are a real hoot.

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