Automatically backup your phones while charging with the Qubii

(Pocket-lint) – We know that we should back up our phones regularly, preferably on an external drive. But few of us actually bother backing up regularly. Most people avoid backing up because the process involves using external hard discs and performing complex maneuvers, usually via laptops. Furthermore, the data on your phone keeps changing every day, so the data from a few days ago might be useless, which means you have to do the whole thing regularly. That’s too much time and effort.

However, Qubii makes the backup process extremely simple and convenient! Qubii Pro is an extremely small charger and backup device. You can stack it on top of your charging block, connect your phone, and automatically backup your precious photos, videos,  contacts, and music in the device. The process is completely automatic, so you don’t have to do anything extra. The Qubii Pro has enough storage space to hold all the contents of your phones, including photos, music, and messages.

Qubii Pro is specifically designed to work ideally with iPhones and iPads. Below, we highlight Qubii’s unique features and capabilities.

Features at a glance:

  • Qubii Pro is an external drive for backing up iOS devices
  • Automatically back up when charging
  • Designed to be plugged in the charging adapter
  • Supports microSD cards up to 2TB
  • Comes with a free app to manage and restore the backup files

Charge and backup your devices simultaneously

The moment you start charging your phone, the contents of your phone are automatically  backed up to this device. You don’t need to take any additional steps or actions — simply plug, charge, and backup. The device can store contacts, videos, photos, music, and social media’s photos and videos.

Furthermore, since Qubii Pro performs the backup while charging, you don’t have to carve extra time to back up the data. Nor do you have to set reminders to perform backups regularly. Every time you connect your phone for charging, which will be approximately once a day, your  new content will be backed up in the Qubii device. If you ever experience data loss, you can rest assured that you can recover your precious data.

Fast charging and backup speeds

You might be concerned that the Qubii Pro might be slow because it performs two actions at once — charging and backing up. However, Qubii Pro supports the iPhone “Fast Charge” feature with 12W 5V 2.4A charging power, so the iPhone can keep fast charging while backing up.

Extensive storage in a small size

Qubii Pro is an extremely small and portable device, not much bigger than an average charger. And because the backup  is saved to a microSD card, you can get a storage space of 128GB, 256GB, 512GB or even 2TB, which is more than enough to accommodate the content in your phone. You can also travel with a Qubii Pro device because it doesn’t need internet connectivity. Qubii Pro works with iPad, Mac and PC.  Users can transfer files between different devices without the internet. Plug-and-play on Mac and PC just like a normal card reader or USB.

Extremely simple setup and installation

Qubii is an extremely simple device to set up and install. You have to simply install the microSD card into the Qubii card slot, connect the device to your power adapter, and then connect your phone to Qubii. You’ll have to download the Qubii Pro app to complete the setup. You only have to complete the setup once, following which the backup will happen automatically whenever you charge your phone.

Qubii Pro is a  revolutionary devices because they streamline and simplify the backing up process, linking it to your charging capability. As such, you can simply connect your phone while sleeping and wake up to find it completely charged and backed up!

Learn more about the Maktar Qubii Pro on the official Maktar website right here, and be sure to order one soon so that you can start backing up your devices.

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