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Best Kids Gift Ideas From Oprah’s Favorite Things 2022

Gregor Halenda

Whether they’re a toddler enchanted by the thrill of jumping into a puddle or a preteen who gets so into doing a puzzle they totally forget about their phone, a child immersed in play is a joy to behold. Little do they know that flexing their creative muscles pays off in the future: Through art, play, and scientific experimentation, children can learn problem-solving and fine-motor skills, along with patience, self-expression, and empathy.

Oprah’s list of carefully chosen, deeply engaging toys is filled with presents that the young people in your life will love. Each pick will also encourage and support their creative dreams. If they’re into art, a paint-by-numbers kit will have them making connections between what they see at the museum and what they’re able to accomplish at home. Know a child who dreams of becoming a scientist? A puzzle depicting a young innovator who looks just like them will show them that they, too, can accomplish whatever they set their mind to.

The right gift is fun for the whole family. Parents will love seeing their little ones unlock new ideas and skills—and thank you profusely for getting their children to spend less time in front of screens. And the kids themselves? You’ll earn “fun grown-up” status for years to come thanks to these Favorite Things.

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Brown Toy Box

Dadisi Academy Giant 3-Foot Round STEM/STEAM Puzzles


Western Chief

Rain Boots


Super Smalls

Jeweled Gloves



The Eve 800-Piece Art Puzzle and Glue Kit


Pink Picasso

Kids’ Paint-by-Numbers Kits



Heatable Stuffed Animals


Cece DuPraz

Draw Your Own Apron


Rebel Girls

Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls: 100 Inspiring Young Changemakers

Want to see more of Oprah’s Favorite Things? Check out the full collection here.

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