Financial markets are usually greedy, especially when you are just beginning to learn about finances, and low-risk investments expect exorbitant profits.

The practice of the financial markets, whether digital or traditional, is usually much more active and dynamic than what is seen in theory.

It is essential to take advantage of the tools and instruments that are available to be able to bring safe and firm steps regarding the investment decisions that are expected to be executed. Sign in so you can find the best options.

What is chaos theory based on?

According to this theory created by Bill Williams, it is established that financial investments are usually determined by the psychology of the human being, which is why there cannot be a 100% successful investor if he does not manage to define the hidden movements that the market establishes in a supposedly random way.

People usually generate income through cryptographic investments, whether short or long term, because they recognize and identify the structure in a certain period that the market has.

Behind this theory, it is suggested that neither fundamental nor technical analysis can guarantee prolonged profits since the markets move according to the emotions generated in the environment.

There are no magic formulas to invest in cryptocurrencies

Each crypto investor usually establishes their strategy when investing. A group prefers to invest in the long term since long digital currencies always tend to generate higher returns.

Another group of traders usually carry out short-term operations where they take advantage of even daily movements of digital currencies to get the most out of them.

Several factors must be evaluated when carrying out any operation, but that is where the diversification of the strategic investment plan comes in, where a set of tools that can contribute to market analysis are used.

Some traders tend to consider chaos as an additional analysis factor, but without evaluating the signals that the market sends on a psychological level, causing they waste their money and time on the wrong analysis.

That is why it is interesting to clarify that there are no magic formulas to invest in the digital financial market; like it or not, it is highly volatile and risky.

These two aspects deserve to be more cautious and use emotional intelligence to be able to define beneficial investment positions.

Cryptocurrencies are currently going through a relatively definite bearish stage, but where no change could be seen in the short term, according to previous analyses regarding the duration of the crypto winters that digital currencies have gone through and are usually always similar.

The global environment of the digital financial market is quite complicated, where inflation, high fuel prices, and the strengthening of the dollar before other Fiat currencies of world weight do not encourage a change in trend.

Now, when a panorama is presented, it allows evaluating the various aspects that make a convulsed economy the perfect strategy to make timely investments and whose results can be much more beneficial without having to look for a magic formula.

What to do if prices keep falling?

Extraordinary economic and financial measures are becoming more assertive, complicating crypto investments’ global landscape. Still, it is timely to suggest that there are always opportunities in every crisis.

It is opportune to evaluate the market before defining an entry or exit from it; for this, a trend that is usually assertive must be considered; when people are greedy, you have to be cautious with investments, and when they are conservative, it is better to be cheap.

Bitcoin and the other digital currencies may have fallen to a floor of no less than $18,000, settling there for a few months and then rising in value, which could be considered the definitive end of the crypto winter.

When deciding to invest in times of uncertainty and risk, one must consider short-term investments that generate both upwards and downwards and have a vision of the future that could generate higher profits.

Everything comes down to knowing the market and making the most of its opportunities because they can last for seconds and long trends for up to months.


Quick profits with magical operations do not exist. The financial markets are highly vulnerable to daily events, especially economic policies. However, in previous cases, the cryptocurrencies were not affected; this year has caused significant damage in the sector of cryptocurrencies.


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