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Checking In: Korres and Wander Beauty Masks, a Pressed Powder by bareMinerals and an Upcoming Haircut!

Last Friday night!

Question for ya: do you know what constitutes a really good time at night for me these days (please, for the love of cats, keep your mind out of the gutter, LOL!).

Answer: A double mask session, informally known around these parts as “a double mask sesh.”

The double mask sesh

Um…before you go thinking that I layered an N95 under my Caraa mask before hitting the club, allow me to clarify. When I say double masking, in this case….I’m referring to using two kinds of skin care face masks — the kind you slather onto your skin! — one after another.

DUDE. Only during post-pandemic times can you say something like that out loud, LOL!

I did this last Friday, and it was the TLC I didn’t realize I desperately needed.

Why do two face masks (again, not in reference to the pandemic)? I like to think of it as treating my skin to a double dose of whatever it wants or needs at any given moment, and last Friday I wanted exfoliation and moisture!

I started with Korres Triple Dose Resurfacing Mask, an exfoliating mask loaded with AHAs, BHAs and pomegranate enzymes, which has a slightly grainy texture for those who like a little bit of physical exfoliation action.

korres triple dose resurfacing mask
Korres Triple Dose Resurfacing Mask

Leave it on for three to five minutes (on my combo skin it felt satisfyingly tingly), and then rinse off.

I like very gentle physical exfoliation, so I gently push the grains around with my fingers when I rise the product away with water.

As for the scent? DIVINE. Like a perfect marriage of fruit punch and roses.

After dabbing my skin with a soft towel, I applied a thick layer of Extended Stay Hydrating Mask by Wander Beauty for an extra mega dose of moisture.

wander beauty extended stay hydrating mask
Wander Beauty Extended Stay

Unfortunately, this particular moisturizing mask is no longer available from the line, and it seems they’ve replaced it with Staycation Hydrating Mask. Really, though, any decent hydrating mask will do.

Any time you can treat yourself to an exfoliating mask followed by a hydrating mask is a guaranteed good time, especially on a Friday night. And, of course, it’s totally even better if you’re hanging out with someone… My Friday night date was Rosie, and I did all of this double masking while we hung out on the couch, LOL!

Pressed powder power

This one’s for my people out there who love a pressed powder! I’ve been using this pressed translucent powder by bareMinerals on my oilier-than-normal forehead (summer skin, am I right?), and it really keeps the shine under wraps. It also doesn’t look heavy or powdery.

Added bonus? I can’t feel it sitting on my skin. Granted, I don’t mind a little dewiness on my face, but I draw the line at a hella greasy forehead, which is what happens when it’s hot outside like it has been lately.

(The powder also comes in a bunch of other colors if translucent isn’t your thing.)

One last thing before I jump into this two-part cardio workout with extra vigor…

Get ready to sweat

And sweat some more

I just booked a hair appointment for next month, my first one since last February! I’ve still got time before the appointment to decide how short I’m going to go, but I’m thinking I might do something that just grazes my shoulders…on the possibility that everything shuts down again this fall or winter (please no!!!).

Anybody else nervous about the new variants? All I can think of is how dire everything felt last January, when I was at my loneliest. Can’t think about it now…

Anywho, hair

I’m going back to the same gal who did my hair last time, Ariana Benoit, because, among other reasons, I really like how her cut from February has grown out.

Which leads me to an old tip a hairdresser friend passed onto me years ago — when booking a hair appointment, grab the first one of the day, if you can. That way your stylist buddy is fresh out the gate and ready to go! 👍

Alright. Going to go get my sweat on. Talk soon, yeah?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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