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Citrusy, Springy Chanel Paris-Riviera (and Easter Egg Hunts and Noms)

Smells like spring!

Spring is here, and despite the fact that I don’t have the spring skirt situation worked out…I do have my spring fragrance situation worked out, because, HELLO! — a change of weather means change of scent, am I right? 🙂

Side note: the black midi skirt I ordered from Gap arrived yesterday, and it 100% made me look like I was part of a cult. Honestly, I think I was blinded by the thought of having pockets… Pockets will do that to ya!

I’m returning it ASAP.

Back to the perfume… It’s called Chanel Paris Riviera Eau du Toilette, and OOOH! — it smells so good. If you’re a fiend for fresh citrus scents, I think you’d love it. It starts off bright and borderline sharp with bold, orange notes. Like, if you were walking through a sun-dappled grove of orange trees and picked one off a branch and peeled it right then and there, that’s what a spritz first smells like.

Then, it transforms into a floral with orange blossom and jasmine notes before drying down into warm, sandalwood and vanilla notes. It’s light, fresh and clean, which I wanted because in the spring I don’t really like to wear anything too heavy, you know what I mean?

I love it and have been wearing it nonstop.

In other news…is it just me, or did Easter sneak up on us?! I usually like to plan my Easter menu way in advance, but this year I think I’m going to keep it simple with a premade honey ham, biscuits (I might just buy the premade kind) and roasted vegetables (asparagus, broccoli and baby potatoes). Or, I may just buy a couple of Whole Foods Frozen Cheese Pizzas and call it a day, ha ha ha! We’ll see.

I’m prepping some Easter eggs for the egg hunt at Connor’s preschool, and this got me thinking about Easter egg hunts when I was a kid. El Hub and I were chatting a while back and he was absolutely shocked when I told him that, when my brother and I were young, we always had Easter egg hunts inside our tiny little house. You could also pretty much guarantee that the eggs would always be hidden in the same places year after year, like, there were always some tucked away in the piano and behind my mom’s knick-knacks in the living room.

Because of this, I always just assumed that every family held their egg hunts the same way. I had NO IDEA some families went outside on Easter morning to hunt for eggs.

I don’t know… Did anybody else’s family do the indoor egg hunt?!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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