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Did You Know That Vitamin K May Help You Have Strong Bones: 5 Vitamin K-Rich Foods You Must Eat

Vitamin K can be obtained from various healthy foods.


  • Vitamin D nutrient is known to boost bone health.
  • You can find this nutrient in many kinds of different foods.
  • Here are some common food sources of vitamin K you must have.

Protein, vitamin D and many other nutrients help in maintaining strong bones. One of the lesser-known vitamins – vitamin K contributes equally to strengthening bones and muscles, and it’s time we should know the importance of including this nutrient in our diet. Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin and is easily absorbed when accompanied with healthy fats and oils like coconut oil, mustard oil and olive oil. So, consuming these oils along with vitamin K-rich foods can prove to be highly beneficial. Vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 and particularly known to boost bone health. While vitamin K1 comes from most of the leafy green vegetables, vitamin K2 can be obtained from dairy and poultry products like eggs and chicken.

Why Vitamin K Is Important? Health Benefits Of Vitamin K:

Vitamin K is mostly known to improve bone density, maintain their strength and reduce the risk of osteoporosis, arthritis, fractures and other bone-related issues.

Vitamin K may also help protect the heart from various cardiovascular diseases. The nutrient may regulate blood pressure levels by helping heart pump blood efficiently throughout the body.

5 Food Sources Of Vitamin K And How To Use Them In Your Diet:

1. Green Leafy Vegetables

Green leafy veggies like cabbage, kale, mustard greens, lettuce and spinach – all are excellent providers of bone-friendly vitamin K. Make Indian sabzis, salads or soups with the veggies, or you can even use them to stuff in your sandwich, burger, and fill up your pizza and pasta.


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Leafy greens are loaded with multiple nutrients, including vitamin K. 
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2. Fruits

Avocado, kiwi, blackberries, blueberries, grapes, pomegranate – consume these fruits for a good dose of vitamin K. Eat raw as a mid-meal snack, add in breakfast cereals and make refreshing smoothies with them.

3. Poultry

Eat chicken and eggs regularly to get your daily vitamin K fix. Use eggs for interesting breakfast recipes. You can also find here various chicken recipes for dinner.

4. Nuts

Eating nuts every day is very helpful for different health-benefiting reasons, including improving bone health for their high vitamin K content. Cashew nuts, hazelnuts, pecans, walnuts and pine nuts are known to contain a good amount of vitamin K. Eat a handful of these nuts as snacks or add them to your cereal bowls, salads or even desserts.

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Start your day with a handful of nuts for optimal nutrient intake
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5. Fish

We all try to eat as much fish as we can for its omega 3 fatty acids content. Now we have another reason to pick us some fish delicacies – to fulfil our vitamin K requirement. Eat grilled, fried, sauteed or baked fish, however you like. You may like these easy fish recipes to start with.

Enjoy good health with strong bones. Include foods with essential nutrients like vitamin K to naturally boost bone health.

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