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Diljit Dosanjh Loves This Versatile Herb In His Dishes; Can You Guess?

Diljit’s cooking videos have won many hearts.


  • Diljit Dosanjh is a foodie and loves to cook
  • His cooking videos have always impressed his fans and followers
  • In his latest video he can be seen praising this versatile herb

Diljit Dosanjh’s cooking videos have been winning the hearts of many for a long time now. Be it the classic poha, paneer or Pongal, what makes us smile the most is his signature commentary while cooking a dish. It just seems like Diljit truly cooks from his heart and eats his heart out too! This time Diljit Dosanjh took to his Instagram stories not to share a full-fledged recipe but his love for one particular herb- dhania (coriander)!

In his Instagram stories, he was cooking a dish which looked like bhurji. The stellar ingredient that Diljit couldn’t stop drooling over was dhania! He revealed, ‘Sarkar I love Dhaniya’ and continues to say that he loves onion, he loves tomato but dhania is his favourite these days. Diljit also pointed out in Punjabi that adding dhania to any dish simply changes its colour and taste. Look at the still from his video:

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He goes on to give a closer look of dhania on his ladle and then of the dish, and says “Look at this beauty, look at this colour!”




And we cannot agree more with Diljit! Dhania (or coriander) truly is the star in some of the most popular Indian dishes, don’t you think? From rich gravies to raitas, to salads and to soups, a handful of dhania over anything and everything simply goes on to elevate the look of the delicacy. When not in the form of leaves, dhania powder steps in to makes us drool over the aroma and flavour!

Here’s looking forward to more such cooking secrets, tips and tricks from Diljit’s kitchen.

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