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Disney X House of Sillage

For Disney fans who love luxury: the new Disney X House of Sillage collection

Disneyland or bust, March 2022! I’m going to say it over and over again so I can manifest the sh*t out of that plan, LOL! For her next birthday, we’re going to take Connor to Disneyland and she’s going to have a super-mega-ultra princess blowout.

We’re going to eat HELLA churros while I’m there, but not so many that we spoil our lunch at Blue Bayou (I’ve always wanted to eat there!), and we’re going to meet ALL THE PRINCESSES. Oh, and we’ll have to meet Mickey and Minnie, of course. What’s Disneyland without visiting the ultimate power mouse duo?

Over the last few years, Disney has done quite a few makeup collabs, and one of the newest ones on the high end is a collection that just launched with House of Sillage.

A trip down memory lane with these Disney makeup collections…

They’re a luxury beauty brand out of Newport Beach in Southern California known for their perfumes, and now they’re venturing into color cosmetics. The limited edition Disney X House of Sillage is their first makeup collection.

disney house of sillage
From the upper left: Complexion Duo Blush & Highlighter ($58), Eyeshadow Quint ($68), Lip Gloss Luminizer in Something Sweet ($36), Diamond Powder Lipstick in Playful Nude ($58), Diamond Powder Lipstick in Playful Red ($58)
disney house of sillage
I’m an NC42 in MAC

For a launch based on cartoon characters, it feels surprisingly elegant. The black, silver and red packaging on the outside look like collector’s items you’d find in a Disney fanatic’s vault of precious items, and the wearable plums, bronzes, pinks, beiges and red shades inside look like something you’d find at Chantecaille or Cle de Peau.

I remember years ago chatting with someone in the makeup industry about how all the best powders are produced in Italy, and that’s where this collection’s made. There’s an eyeshadow palette ($68), a highlighter and blush duo ($58), two lipsticks ($58 each) and a Lipgloss ($36). There’s also a chic boxed set with all the items and a makeup bag for $240.

Super pricey, but that’s in line with the House of Sillage vibe. A typical bottle of their perfume is $360, so ya know, it’s #fancylady stuff.

disney house of sillage
I’m wearing the Eyeshadow Quint ($68), the Complexion Duo Blush & Highlighter ($58), Diamond Powder Lipstick in Playful Nude ($58) and the Lip Gloss Luminizer in Something Sweet ($36)

A few quick thoughts on the items I’ve worn:

  • Eyeshadow Quint: The shades lean warm, and the finishes are shimmery like fine (Disney) fairy dust. Powder texture is on the softer, fluffier side and borderline delicate; I loaded a wet angled eye liner brush with the shimmery mid-toned bronze and gasped when I saw the big dent I left behind. They range from medium to full pigment. My lids are dry, and after a day’s wear on bare skin, I saw minimal creasing. I think they’re even prettier as the day goes on; the shimmer settles in nicely, and my eyes had a luminescent glow. So expensive at $68, but perhaps worth it if warm pinks and bronzes are your thing and your heart beats for the high-end schtuff.
  • Diamond Powder Lipstick in Playful Nude: Feels like a Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick (smooth, silky and comfortable) and tastes and smells like a MAC lipstick (vanilla). Impressively high pigment load. I think this would be a very generous gift for the Disney lover in your life who has everything. She (or he) would FREAK OUT. If there were one thing I’d get from the launch, it would either be this lippie or the eyeshadow quint.
  • Complexion Duo Blush & Highlighter: Cute mouse ears on the peach blush! The blush blends out beautifully, and the highlighter has a fine shimmer (always a plus); however, I wanted a little more pigment for the price. I like this, but I think you could find something similar for less.
  • Lip Gloss Luminizer in Something Sweet: Lightweight, not sticky, smells and tastes like vanilla. Sheer. I feel like I really need to dig in deep to get enough product on the wand?! Cute, but more like nice extra if you’ve got some extra lunch money.

disney house of sillage

disney house of sillage

I just might wear this collection with my Minnie Mouse ears when I finally make it back to Disneyland! 😃

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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