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DIY Makeup Organizer |13 Fun Ideas For Proper Storage

These awesome DIY makeup organizer ideas will save you space and trouble. So say goodbye to messy countertops and these beautiful cosmetic organizers!

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DIY Makeup Organizer |13 Fun Ideas For Proper Storage

    1. Clean Brush Holder
    2. Makeup Brush Organizer
    3. Towel Rods
    4. DIY Storage Box Makeup Organizer
    5. Copper Cups
    6. Paper Towel Holder Organizer
    7. Makeup Drawer
    8. Wire Baskets
    9. Magnetic Makeup Boards
    10. Repurposed Candle Jars
    11. Wall Mount Lipstick Organizer
    12. DIY Hanging Organizer
    13. Rolling Cart

DIY Makeup Organizer |13 Fun Ideas For Proper Storage

Get Creative and Organized

It is true what they say: a girl can never have too much makeup. But, like me, most girls are becoming obsessed with a wide array of palettes.

A makeup vanity is not too much because it encourages us to be more creative. Besides, how can we resist all the beauty blogs, new products, and YouTube videos popping up?

SAY GOODBYE to scattered makeup. It’s time to reclaim your space!

1. Makeup Brush Holder

Use an old drawer or mason jar as a brush holder to prevent bacteria from contaminating your brushes. But, of course, you still want to clean your brushes at least once a month (soap and water will do).

Use a transparent jar. It saves you a great deal of time in the rush morning hours. 

2.  Makeup Brush Organizer

Makeup Brush Organizer | DIY Makeup Organizer

Turn your old boxes into a makeup brush organizer. Cover them with a designed wrapper and cut them according to the size of your makeup brushes.

I am sure you have an empty box. And you can recycle it by making your own DIY Makeup Organizer.

3. Towel Rods

Towel Rods | DIY Makeup Organizer

Do you have spare towel rods in your bathroom? Go ahead and find some baskets around the house or buy some at a low price.

Put baskets and display your makeup in them with the support of some hooks. And you are ready to create the next new makeup trick!

4. DIY Storage Box Makeup Organizer

Storage Box Makeup Organizer | DIY Makeup Organizer

Avoid throwing away old storage boxes since you can still use them in cute makeup organizers.

Got some old storage boxes lying around? Instead of getting rid of them, try this project so you can save money and space for your favorite makeup stash. 

5. Copper Cups

Copper Cups | DIY Makeup Organizer

Add some flair to dollar store cups by painting them in gorgeous copper. You can also label them with sticker letters.

6. Paper Towel Holder Organizer

Instead, repurpose paper towel holders as makeup organizers. Don’t let paper towel holders go to waste. There are so many things you can do with these holders.

Put makeup brushes, liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, nail cleaning tools, nail polish, etc.

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7. Makeup Drawer

Makeup Drawer | DIY Makeup Organizer

Save one drawer as the makeup drawer. For smaller makeup, put some DIY organizers such as used canisters.

8. Wire Baskets

Wire Basket | DIY Makeup Organizer

These gorgeous wire baskets are the best decorative makeup storage for makeup palettes.

9. Magnetic Makeup Boards

Magnetic Makeup Boards | DIY Makeup Organizer

Turn an old picture frame into a makeup display by attaching it to a magnetic board. It will save you a lot of counter space and give your room an added makeup presentation decor.

Plus, you can pick up and put back the makeup product.

10. Repurposed Candle Jars

Repurposed Candle Jars | DIY Makeup Organizer

Candle jars are perfect for stacking your makeup brushes. They also provide easy access for touch-ups.

Pull out your favorite brushes without messing up the entire arrangement. Then, stack them together like what you see above or place them next.

11. Wall Mount Lipstick Organizer

Wall Mount Lipstick Organizer | DIY Makeup Organizer

Get a couple of PVC pipes, cut them up, and voila, you’ll have your wall mount lipstick organizer. Hanging your organizer is an alternative to having standard picture frames.

12. DIY Hanging Organizer

DIY Hanging Organizer | DIY Makeup Organizer

Maximize the wasted space behind your door with this hanging organizer. Its compartments are perfect for organizing your makeup and skincare products.

Make sure to segregate your makeup supplies in each space to avoid clutter.

13. Rolling Cart

Rolling Cart | DIY Makeup Organizer

This storage offers plenty of room and will be perfect if you plan to do your makeup in different makeup rooms. It’s very space-efficient and can use to store both your makeup, hair care, and skincare products.

You can even use it as your jewelry organizer. So wherever you go, roll it with you!

Beauty products we buy are an investment. It’s the primary reason we should give our skincare and makeup products the TLC it deserves.
Makeup organizers can get a little pricey. So, we will need to put our hands to work and put A+ effort into making DIY makeup storage organizers.

Turn old and unused things into something useful. Repurpose and recycle, ladies. It’s good for the environment too! With patience and creativity, you’ll make these easy DIY makeup organizer projects in no time.

Do you have other DIY makeup organizer ideas? Please share them with us in the comments section below! 


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