Employees working overseas? Discover how to implement brand guidelines wherever they may be

Employees working overseas? Discover how to implement brand guidelines wherever they may be

Remote working is more common than ever right now. Due to the rising numbers of remote roles, most of us don’t even have to leave our homes to get to work on time. Whether you’re part of a national company that’s taking full advantage of the current situation, casting the talent net further than ever before, or you’re a business manager that’s getting to grips with remote teams both from across the street to across the world – the way we conduct business, handle employees and work together is changing. 

While you may have a wider range of talent to choose from, when you have staff working overseas, it’s not always easy to communicate some of the most important features of your business. One of the biggest issues often reported is the misunderstanding and implementation of brand guidelines, and how important they are to follow. 

What are brand guidelines?

Brand guidelines are essentially a blueprint that dictate the rules that have been carefully developed with the perception of your brand in mind. Communicating your brand guidelines effectively ensures brand consistency across all channels. These guidelines help to prevent confusion over the design of materials and online creations whilst keeping your business tone and voice in check. Put all these things together and you have brand consistency – something which is essential for building customer loyalty and brand awareness. 

When you have staff who work overseas, it’s easy for these important factors to become lost in translation or become completely overlooked. This is why the implantation of brand guidelines is essential for all staff, wherever they might be based. 

How can they be implemented?

Successful implementation of brand guidelines usually means hours of training, and often repeated editing to resolve persistent brand-related errors. This is why more businesses than ever – especially those with employees based overseas – turn to and their brand guidelines product. By uploading your brand guidelines within the DAM software package, all your employees will have full access to the latest, updated rules in your brand guidelines blueprint. 

As everyone will have access to these guidelines, you can rest assured that your brand will be communicated across all platforms effectively, by all employees. This is something that makes working collaboratively much simpler and easier to manage – especially if everyone is on the same page! Thanks to user-friendly widgets and helpful layout options, users can edit and create new content quickly all within the guidelines set out by your brand. So, no matter where your staff are based, everyone is working hard to protect your brand and build on consistency. 

Final thoughts…

Consistent branding across your company is essential for building trust and increasing brand recognition. Unsuccessful branding can lead to all kinds of issues, most of which are difficult (and expensive) to come back from. Ensuring all your localized and international-based employees are on the same page with brand guidelines will help create an accurate and consistent representation of your business. Consistently showcasing your message, integrity, and dedication to your clients will do your business wonders – reach out to for more information.

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