ETH King Of Altcoins Eyeing Btcs Throne Post-Merge

With the recent merge of Ethereum and Bitcoin, many are wondering what will happen to the altcoin market. Will Ethereum take over Bitcoin’s throne?

A new chapter begins

The ETH/BTC merge is a historic event that will have a profound impact on the cryptocurrency market. For the first time, two of the most popular and influential cryptocurrencies will come together to form a new asset.

This new asset will be called ETH2 and it will be an improved version of Ethereum that is more scalable and efficient. ETH2 will also be fully compatible with all existing Ethereum applications and wallets.

The merge is scheduled to take place on January 3, 2020, and it is expected to result in a significant increase in the price of both ETH and BTC.

ETH2 is being positioned as a competitor to Bitcoin and it is expected to take over BTC’s throne as the king of altcoins. The merge is a major step forward for Ethereum and it could potentially make it the most dominant cryptocurrency in the world. You can buy ETH, BTC, ADA, or any other cryptos on this website link.

Benefits of this in a crypto surge

There are many benefits of the recent surge in cryptocurrency prices. For one, it has brought a lot of attention to the space and has legitimized it in the eyes of many. Secondly, it has given rise to several new projects and start-ups that are looking to capitalize on blockchain technology. Lastly, it has given investors a reason to believe in the future of this industry.

The recent surge in cryptocurrency prices has also led to an increase in the number of people who are looking to invest in this space. This is because the prices of many cryptocurrencies have gone up significantly, and this has made it an attractive investment option for many.

However, there are also some risks associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. One of these is the fact that the prices of these assets are highly volatile, which means that they can go up or down very quickly.

Another risk is that there is a possibility that the government may crack down on this industry, which could lead to the prices of these assets crashing.

How will ETH value rise to own to this merge?

In the world of cryptocurrency, there is always speculation about which coin is going to come out on top. For a long time, Bitcoin has been considered the king of altcoins, but Ethereum is now eyeing its throne.

The recent news that Ethereum is planning to merge with Bitcoin has caused a lot of excitement in the crypto community. Many believe that this could be the push that Ethereum needs to overtake Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization.

There are a few reasons why this merger could be good for Ethereum. First of all, it would increase the liquidity of ETH. This is because more people would be interested in buying ETH if they knew that they could eventually convert it into BTC.

Secondly, the merger would give ETH more exposure. At the moment, Ethereum is often overshadowed by Bitcoin. However, if the two coins were to merge, then Ethereum would likely receive more attention from investors and traders.

Finally, the merger would likely lead to a rise in the value of ETH. This is because investors would see Ethereum as a more serious contender to Bitcoin and would be more willing to invest in it.

Overall, the proposed merger between Ethereum and Bitcoin could be very positive for Ethereum. It could increase its liquidity, exposure, and value.

What other key features will be added owing to this merge?

The key features that will be added to Ethereum as a result of the proposed merge with Bitcoin are:

-Increased scalability through the use of sharding
-A more efficient and secure consensus algorithm
-Enhanced privacy features
-Support for smart contracts and apps


It’s no secret that Ethereum has been eyeing Bitcoin’s throne for some time now. With the recent announcement of plans to merge ETH and BTC, it seems that Ethereum is getting closer to its goal. While there are still many hurdles to overcome, it’s clear that Ethereum is a force to be reckoned with in the world of cryptocurrencies. Only time will tell if Ethereum can dethrone Bitcoin, but one thing is for sure: the competition between these two cryptocurrencies is heating up.


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